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初一英语 Unit 7 How much are these socks?

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Unit 7 How much are these socks?

第1课时Section A 1a—2d

Teaching Aims

重点单词:socks/ T-shirt/shorts/sweater/shoes / skirt /trousers/pants

重点句型:How much is ...? ----It's ....

How much are ...? --They're ....

知识目标:Master the key words and the important sentence structures 情感目标:Save money Don’t waste it like water

Teaching procedures

Step 1 Warming up and lead in

Play a small movie named “let’s go shopping” to arouse students’ interest of learning

Step2 Reviewing

Ask and answer the things that they have learned to review the words and sentences

Step3 New words learning by themselves

Learn the new words in this class with the help of the group leader and the teacher then have a competition among the groups to see which group study better.

And then play a game with the whole class to master the new words better

Ask the students to finish to exercise in 1a as soon as possible Step 4 Discussing

Discuss in groups to learn the new sentence structure and using them together

Step 5 Pairwork

Make up a dialogue using the pictures giving to practice the sentence structures maybe five groups are enough .

Step 6 Listening 1a 2a 2b 2c

After reading after the tape of 2a try to summarize how to describe one thing using these adjectives in order to reduce the difficulties of the listening

Step 7 2d pairwork

Make up a dialogue with the informations in 2b 2c

Step8 Survey

Make a survey about the prices of the clothes that the students are wearing and fill in the chart at last give a report

Step9 Summary

Summarize the key words and sentence structures we have leaned in this class by themselves

Step 10 Exercises

Finish the exercises in paper and then check answers together Step 11 Homework

Ask them to save money and finish the homework on time

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