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1. 能够熟记并正确使用下列单词和短语: area wood flashlight match beat against fall asleep die down apart 。 2. 了解一些暴风雨的知识 3.自然是无情的,但是邻里互助是大爱。

Ask your classmates in your group what they were doing last night then give a report. Report: Yesterday 7:00 … was reading. … was shopping…


1. 在图书馆 2. 在……的时候 3. 去上班 4. 等公共汽车 5. 走路回家 6. 在街上 7. 打篮球

in the library at the time of go to work wait for the bus walk home on the street play basketball

Look at the picture and think about what has happened.

3a Read the passage and answer the questions. 1. What was the weather like before the heavy rain started? The strong winds were blowing. Black clouds were making the sky very dark. With no light outside, it felt like midnight. 2. What was the neighborhood like after the storm? The neighbors are much closer together.

3b Complete the sentences using information from the passage.
1. When the news on TV was reported, strong winds ____________ were blowing outside. 2. While Ben’s mom was making sure the radio was working, his dad __________________________________ was putting pieces of wood over the __________________________________. windows

3. Ben ______________________________ was helping his mom make dinner when the heavy rain finally started. 4. When Ben ___________ fell asleep at 3:00 a.m., the wind ______________. was dying down

3c Discuss the questions with a partner. “Although the storm broke many things apart, it brought families and neighbors closer together.” What other things can bring people closer together? How can we help each other in times of difficulty?

1. I called at seven and you didn’t pick up.

pick up可以表示“拿起,捡起,(开车) 接人,(偶然)得到”等。

Practice 汤姆拿起电话,拨打了号码。 Tom picked up the phone and dialed the number. 我五点钟来接你。 I will pick you up at five. 告诉你一个窍门,是从我妈妈那里学来的。 Here’s a tip I picked up from my mother.

2. With no light outside, it felt like midnight.
此句中介词with表示一种伴随状况,同 时还包含着某种因果关系,表示“因某 种状况的存在而导致……”, 因此可翻译 成“由于;因为”等。

e.g. With my parents away, I’m the king of the house. 我爸妈不在家,我可是家中的“王”了! I can’t work with all that noise going on. 由于那噪音响着,我无法工作。

3. Ben’s dad… while his mom was making sure the flashlights and radio were working. 1) 此句中的连词while的意思是 “当…… 的时候;和……同时”,while还可以 表示“而;然而;但”之意,用来说 明 和强调两种事情或情形不同。

e.g. Tom is active and outgoing while his sister Rosa is shy and quiet. 汤姆活跃外向,而他的

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