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仁爱版九年级下册英语Unit 5检测题

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仁爱版九年级下册英语Unit 5检测题

一. 单项选择。

( )1. The scientist is ____ of our country, for he has won the Nobel Prize. A. the pride B. afraid C. proud D. hear

( )2. The shoes didn’t fit me. They’re___ big ___small. A. either; or B. neither; nor C. both; and D. not only; but also

( )3. She became a famous actor when she was ____.

A. in her twenty B. in her twenties C. in twenty years old D. in twenties

( )4. —Wow, what ____ snow! —Yeah, it must have snowed ____ last night.

A. thick; heavily B. thick; heavy C. big; heavy D. big; heavily

( )5. —How great Sun Yat-sen is! —Yeah, he has ____ the Qing dynasty.

A. brought down B. put down C. broken into D. broken out

( )6. It’s about 20 years since his grandfather______. A. dies B. dead C. died D. has died

( )7. My teacher promised to ____ my suggestions, so I gave him some ____.

A. following; advice B. following; advices C. follow; advices D. follow; advice

( )8. He must be the captain ____ group got the first prize in the ping-pong game.

A. who B. which C. that D. whose

( )9. The man to____ my father is speaking is my uncle. A. him B. that C. who D. whom

( )10. There are some tales about dragons ____ ____ wings. A. it; has B. that; have C. /; have D. who; has

( )11. The tourists ____ have been to Mount Wuyi lost ____ in the beautiful scenery there.

A. /; them B. that; them C. who; themselves D. which; themselves

( )12. Taiwan is ____ ____ the Treasure Island of China and it is a part of China.

A. regard as B. regarded as C. regard to D. regarded to

( )13. —Do you think the Yellow River is ____ river in China? —Yes, I think so.

A. the longer B. the second longest C. longest D. second longest

( )14. Neither I nor he ____ compared the prices of the PC, so ____ I ____ he decided to know more before buying it.

A. has; both; and B. have; not only; but also C. hasn’t; either; or D. haven’t; neither; nor

( )15. Mount Wuyi is worth ____, the mountains there are covered ____ all kinds of green plants.

A. visiting; by B. to visit; with C. to visit; by D. visiting; with

二. 情景交际。(从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话。)

Mr. Zheng: What are you looking for? Li Xin: I am interested in history these days. I want to know something about Zheng Chenggong. Oh, you are a history lover. that he did?

Mr. Zheng: Sure. He recovered Taiwan in 1662 without the help of the government. Li Xin:

Mr. Zheng: It was true, and Li Xin: What a pity! But all Chinese will remember him forever

三. 完形填空。

Every scientist has a childhood dream. A scientist in China once had a . He wished to grow a new type of rice which could produce a lot. This person is Yuan Longping was born in 1930. He graduated from the Southwest Agricultural (农业) University in 1953. Yuan Longping came up with an idea for a hybrid rice in the 1960s. Since then, he has devoted himself to the research and the development of new varieties (品种). In 1973, together with other people, he in the development of hybrid rice. This made China a worldwide leader in rice production. For this, he was called “Father of Hybrid Rice”. In 1980, the technology for hybrid rice was to the United States. Professor Yuan’s hard work, China now produces enough rice to her people every year. In his spare time, he loves playing half an hour before he goes to sleep. He likes swimming, too.

It is said that Professor Yuan is one of the people in China. And he cares about

but his research.

Now Professor Yuan is working on developing super hybrid rice. He goes to the fields twice a day.

26. A. dream B. idea C. thought D. will 31. A. look after B. feed C. send D. fed

27. A. where B. whom C. which D. who 32. A. an B. / C. a D. the

28. A. success B. succeeded C. successfully D. successful 33. A. about B. in C. for D. to

29. A. given B. growed C. showed D. introduced 34. A. poorest B. richest C. cleverest D. most careful

30. A. Because of B. Because C. In order D. For 35. A. everything B. anything C. nothing D. something

四. 阅读理解。

Li Shizhen was born in 1518. His father was a poor doctor. Li Shizhen often saw that people fell ill. He decided to study medicine so that he could help people who were ill.

Li Shizhen read many books about medicine. He found many of the old medical books were full of mistakes. So he wished to write a new one.

He did his best to study medical science. He studied not only the herbs(草药) in his own garden, but also the wild ones. He always went on long journeys to collect herbs and talked with old peasants. He learned a lot from the working people.

After many years of hard work and study, Li Shizhen finished his great work Ben Cao Gang Mu. At that time he was sixty. His book is now one of the greatest contributions of the Chinese people to the medical science of the world.


( )41. Both Li Shizheng and his father were doctors. ( )42. All the old medical books were full of mistakes.

( )43. During his long journeys, he collected a lot of herbs.

( )44. In 1568, Li Shizheng finished his work Ben Cao Gang Mu. ( )45. Ben Cao Gang Mu is a dictionary.

Two Chinese skaters, Zhang Dan and her partner Zhang Hao, won an Olympic silver medal(奖牌)ago. To win the gold medal in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, to do a special action, which

hurt. How painful!

a brave girl! Everyone was moved and gave them a warm welcome.

stood up and cheered. They got the second place, but in everyone’s heart, they were the. They showed their great

1、_____________________________________________ 2、 ______________________________________________

3、_____________________________________________ 4、 ______________________________________________

B. 书面表达。(A)根据下面提示写一篇关于我国古代诗人(poet)屈原的短文(40个单词左右)。

1.擅长写诗,作品很多。 2.给楚王(emperor Chu)提了很多建议 ,反而被投入监狱(prison)。

3.最后对国家失望,投江而死。 4.人们每年过端午节来纪念屈原。


1.位置(华南,紧邻广东省)。 2.人口(630万,中国人为主)。3.回归(take over)(1997. 7. 1),是香港人民及全国人民的愿望。4.国际大都市(international city),被誉为东方明珠(the Oriental Pearl)和购物天堂(Shopping Heaven),海洋公园(the Ocean Park)不容错过。


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