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1. wish them success !Zhejiang 祝他们成功!

2. for sale 待售

3. on sale 廉价出售

4. ladies and gentlemen 女士们,先生们!

5. soft drink 软饮料

6. a bottle of beer 一瓶啤酒

7. a cup of tea 一杯茶

8. two bowls of rice 两碗米饭

9. have the bill=pay the bill 付账

10. Here ‘s your change 找你零钱

11. That’s all 就这些

12. in thirty minutes 在三十分钟之内

13. have the menu 看菜单

14. have a seat 请坐

15. be worth 值。。。钱

16. be worth doing 值得做。。。

17. have meals regularly 有规律的吃饭

18. eat less in the evening 晚上少吃

19. in a right way 用正确的方法

20. different kinds of foods 多样化的食物

21. all kinds of 各种各样的

22. a kind of 一种

23. help our bones grow 帮助我们的骨头生长

24. It ‘s said that 据说。。。

25. in short 总之

26. not only …but also 不仅。。。而且。。。

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