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答卷时间 45 分钟 满分 100 分


一、单选(20分) ( ) 1. Where ________ your new pants? ________ on the bed.

A.is, It’s B.are, They are C.is, They’re D.are, It’s ( ) 2. You want it, we have it, ________ a very good price.

A.for B.at C.of D.in ( ) 3.We have sweaters ________ all colors ________ ¥50 each.

A.in, at B.at, in C.in, for D.at, for

( ) 4.We can ________ books ________ the bookstore (书店). A.sell, to B.buy, from C.sell, from D.buy, to ( ) 5.The store ________ school things ________ the students.

A.sell, to B.buy, from C.sells, to D.buys, from ( ) 6.There ________ many shorts ________ sale in the store.

A.are, on B.are, for C.is, on D.is, for ( ) 7.________ the pants? They’re 15 yuan.

A.How many is B.How many are C.How much is D.How much are

( ) 8. We_______ 100 RMB now. Let’s go to Mr Zhang’s Clothing Sale.

A. each has B. all has C. have each D. each have ( ) 9.—Does your music teacher sing very_____? —Yes, she does. A. good B. nice C. great

D. well ( ) 10. Let her little sister _______ some salad!

A. has

B. to have C. have D. like

( ) 11.Do you like French fries and fish _______ dinner?

A. in B. of C. about D. for ( ) 12.The sports star always _______ salad for lunch.

A. eat B. eats C. is eating D. to eat ( ) 13.The food on the table _______ good.

A. are

( ) 14.Here are some tomatoes for you,do you like _______?

A. it B. them C. that D. these

( ) 15.This is Mr Hu's watch. Please give it to ________.

A.her B.he C.him D.she

( ) 16. This shirt is very cheap. I’ll ________ it.

A.bring B.take C.want D.believe ( ) 17—Let’s _________ basketball. —_________ great. A. playing; Sounds B. play; Sounds C. play; Sound D. plays; Sound

第1页 共2页( ) 18.There are(有) two _______ on the table.

A.watchs B.tomatoes C.broccolis D.salads

( ) 19.My brother ______ an apple.

A.want eat B.wants eating C.wants to eat D.wants eat

( ) 20.What does he ______ the food?

A.think of B.thinks of C.thinks about D.thinking about


Next to the No.l Middle School is a school store. It's not but it

0f school things . Do sale. Big erasers are only one yuan small one is 0.5 yuan. Those color pencils are two yuan. I want the yellow a good price. I'll take it. Do you need some school things for ?

to this store!

( )21. A. big B. small C.long D. good ( )22. A.lot B. lots C. Many D. much ( )23. A. I B.they C.you D.we ( )24. A. but B. too C. all D. or ( )25. A. in B. at C. on D,/ ( )26. A. one B. every C. each D. sale ( )27. A. for B. on C. in D. of ( )28. A. in B. at C. on D. for ( )29. A. you B.your C.my D.yourself ( )30. A. Come B. Welcome C. A or B D. Please



Jack likes eggs,bananas and apples.So every day,he has two eggs,one apple,a cup

of milk and some bread for breakfast.But for lunch,he has bananas,some chicken and vegetables.And for dinner,he has tomatoes,French fries and ice cream. His sister likes dessert,oranges and apples.She often has some hamburgers,one apple and bread for her breakfast.She likes tomatoes,salad and some fish for lunch.For dinner,she likes strawberries and some chicken.

( )31. What does Jack have for his breakfast?

A.Some hamburgers,one apple and bread. B.Bananas,one egg and a cup of milk. C.Two eggs,one apple and a cup of milk.

D.One apple,two eggs,some bread and a cup of milk. ( )32._______ likes dessert,oranges and apples.

A.Jack B.Jack’s mother C.Jack’s father D.Jack’s sister ( )33.Jack has ________ for his dinner.

A.tomatoes B.French fries and ice cream C.bananas and some chicken D.A and B

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( )34.Jack has some chicken ______ ,but his sister has some chicken ________.

A.for breakfast;for dinner B. for lunch;for dinner C. for dinner;for lunch D. for dinner;for dinner

( )35.Which is right(正确的)?

A.Jack likes dessert,but he doesn’t like apples. B.Jack likes vegetables, his sister likes them, too.

C.Jack has two eggs for breakfast,but his sister has one egg. D.Jack has bananas for lunch,and his sister has apples for lunch.


根据Mr Green商店里的价目表,选择正确答案。 Mr Green's Clothes Store

( )36. Which is the cheapest(最便宜的) ?

A. Hat. B. T-shirt. C. Socks. D. Sweater. ( )37. How much are two pairs of trousers and a hat? $22 $28 $14 $18 ( )38.You can buy_ at Mr Green's Clothes Store. A. black trousers B. a blue sweater

C. a green hat D. a green shirt

( )39. You like red and you only have $7. You can buy_. A. a sweater B. a hat

C. socks D. trousers

( )40. You only have sixteen dollars.You can buy_. A. a sweater and a pair of trousers

B. two T- shirts and a pair of socks

C. two pairs of trousers

D. two sweaters


(一) 根据所给首字母或汉语写出正确的英语单词 。 41. B__________ your math book here.

42. The store s___________ kinds of things. They are very cheap. 43.The fruit and vegetables are h__________ food. 44.Ben's uncle ______(eat)carrots every day. 45.My sister wants ______(be) healthy. 46.Are these your ______(strawberry)?

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47. Mary has good_________ (eat) habits.

48. We ____________(not play) soccer at school.

49. ________ they ________(listen) to music? 50. ________ Alan _________ (like) salad? (二)根据汉语意思完成句子。(10分)

51.这双鞋卖60元。 The pair of________ ________ 60 yuan.

52.看看我们的服装店。 Have a________ ________ our clothes store. 53.那条红色裤子正在减价销售,仅仅20元。

The red pants are________ ________ for only 20 yuan. 54. How much is this school bag?(改为同义句)

this school bag?


I have good friend class. name is Jim. He is from England. He is in China with his parents. He likes China. He Chinese food, too. at home. He eats an egg,bread and milk _60___ breakfast. He doesn’t like fish. He has He kinds of food for lunch. He eats rice, meat and vegetables. Sometimes he has noodles and dumplings. He has supper at home with his friends. Sometimes he goes out to eat with his friends. He _64__ meat , vegetables and fruit for dinner .

六、书面表达(20分) (一)信息归纳(5分)

Maria is an English girl. She was born (出生) on January 11, 1990. Now she studies at No. 1 Middle School in Beijing. She likes watching movies. Ge You is her favorite Chinese movie star. She often plays sports. She likes playing volleyball. Her favorite color is red. She has lots of red pants, T-shirts and shorts. She likes them very much, but she doesn’t like skirts or hats. She likes shopping, too. She has a great bag collection. She has many kinds of bags in many colors.

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