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1. 动词不定式用法

(1) 不定式作主语:to do可以被it做形式主语代替。

in homework on time.

(2) 不定式作表语:My dream/job/duty/purpose is + to do

(3) 不定式做宾语:The boy ◆ agree, choose, decide, hope, learn, plan, prepare, want, wish, refuse, fail等动词后接“带to的不定式”或“不定式短语”作宾语。

◆ finish, enjoy,hate,miss, mind, suggest, practice, keep, can’t stop等动词后不能接不定式作宾语,只能接动词-ing形式。 keep/prevent/stop sb. from doing sth. ?阻止某人做某事‘

(4) 不定式作宾语补足语:Father will not on the street.

【注意】用不定式和分词作补足语都可以的动词:感官动词see, hear, look, notice, feel等,使役动词have, make, leave, keep, get等。的连续性,进行性。

I saw him work in the garden yesterday. (强调"我看见了"整个事实)

I saw him working in the garden yesterday.(强调"我见他正干活"这个动作)

(5) 不定式作定语(后置修饰语):Have you got anything me?

(6) 不定式作状语:

◆表示目的:He ran fast to catch the first bus. (为了赶上早班车)

◆表示结果:Linda came back home to find her house on fire. (结果发现房子着火了)

(7) 省略to的不定式:使役动词 let, have, make等;感官动词 see, watch, hear, smell, feel, 等后作宾补,省略to。在被动语态中则to不能省掉。

【注意】动词后接to do与doing的区别:

1) stop to do 停下来去做 stop doing 停止

2) forget to do 忘记 (未做) forget doing 忘记 (已做)

3) remember to do 记得某事 (未做) remember doing 记得某事 (已做)

4) try to do 努力,企图做某事 try doing 试验,试着做某事。



◆devote...to doing,spend...doing,look forward to doing, be busy doing, be worth doing,be crazy ◆had better (not) do, would you please do, must/can/should/may do,make sb do,in order to ◆it is +adj+to do, be the first to do, tell/ask/advise sb to do, 形容词+enough+名词 to do, 特殊疑问词+to do, expect to do, it is adj of sb to do...


(1) look: look at看(动作),look for寻找(动作),find发现,找到(结果),find out 找出,查明,look after=take care of 照顾,look over 检查身体look out of (outside) 往外看(看外面)look up a word (in the dictionary) 查字典look up 往上看,仰望look like 看上去像look out 当心,小心look around 朝四周看

(2) come:come back 回来come down 下来come in 进入,进来come on 快,走吧,跟我来come out出来come from 来自……come up with...想出(主意)

(3) get:get up 起床get on (well) with 与……相处(融洽)get back 返回get into 进入get on/off 上/下车

(4) give:give back 归还,送回give……some advice on 给……一些忠告give up 放弃give sb. a call 给……打电话give a talk 作报告

(5) go: go over 过一遍,复习go out for a walk 外出散步go on (doing) 继续(做……)go upstairs/downstairs 上/下楼

(6)make: make noise 吵闹make a living 谋生make sb. do sth. 迫使某人做……make faces (a face)做鬼脸make a mistake (mistakes)犯错误make friends (with)与……交朋友make a fire 生火be made from/of 由……制成be made in 在……地方制造

(7) put:put on 穿上(衣服),戴上(帽子) put up 建造,搭起,挂起,举起,张帖put one's heart into 全神贯注于put out灭火 put away整理

(8) set: set up 建立 set off 出发,动身 (send up发射)

(9) take:take out 拿出,取出take place 发生take a walk/rest 散步/休息take it easy 别紧张take care of 关心,照顾,保管take a look at 看一看take away 拿走take off 脱下,起飞take part in 参加(活动)take photos 拍照take some medicine 服药take a bus乘公共汽车

(10) turn: turn on 开,旋开(电灯,收音机等)turn off 关上(电灯,收音机等)turn…into… 变成turn down (把音量)调低


【2009南京】-Do you know Neil Armstrong? -Yes. He is the first man ______ on the moon.

A. walk B. walks C. to walk D. Walked

【2013南京】---Why are you so excited today? ---We were told _________ a picnic this weekend.

A. have B. to have C. having D. had

【2013高淳二模】The girl was unable to find a job, so she began to do everything money.

A. she could to make B. she could to take C. what she could spend D. which she could make

【2013白下二模】—I often have hamburgers for lunch.


—You‘d better not. It‘s bad for you ______ too much junk food.

A. eat

earthquake area.

A. save

【2009南京】–Tom, ______ your T-shirt right now ! It looks so dirty.

-Sorry, Mum. I was playing football the whole afternoon. A. take off B. take on C. put off D. put on

【2010南京】World Expo 2010 Shanghai China ________ people from all over the world to the theme

―Better City, Better Life‖.

A. attends B. attracts C. allows D. advises

【2010南京】----Many students don‘t know how to ________ stress and become worried.

----I think they‘d better ask their teachers for help.

A. argue with B. deal with C. quarrel with D. come up with

【2011南京】–It‘s said that aliens tried to warn the astronauts on the moon to ______ .

– Maybe they didn‘t like human beings to get close to them.

A. stay up B. stay out C. stay away D. stay behind

【2012南京】Volunteer team mostly _______ university and middle school students. They will mainly provide languages voluntary services.

A. consists of B. belongs to C. thinks of D. leads to

【2013南京】---What‘s wrong with you, Eric? You look tired.

---I ________ to prepare for the final exam last night.

A. picked up B. woke up C. stayed up D. put up

【2013高淳二模】—Do you think Lucy can win in this competition match? —I _____ her to win.

A. expect B. ask C. help D. hope

【2013高淳二模】There was a fire in the street last night, but the firemen within 20 minutes.

A. took it out B. brought it out C. worked it out D. put it out

【2013白下二模】More and more people ______ the importance of the eco-friendly lifestyle.

A. miss

A. looks B. promise C. realize D. suggest D. Feels 【2013江宁二模】Some young people eat with their eyes. They prefer to order a meal which nice. B. smells C. tastes

【2013溧水二模】―How much is this colorful printer ?

―I‘m not sure. Maybe it is very expensive.

A. spent B. taken C. cost D. worth

【2013溧水二模】-We must act now because time is _______. -Yes. Let‘s start.

A. coming out B. giving out C. cutting out D. running out

【2013联合体二模】—I‘m afraid I can‘t pass the maths exam.

3 B. to save C. saved D. saving B. ate C. eating D. to eat 【2013江宁二模】The soldiers did what they could the people out of the buildings in the

—Don‘t worry. I‘ll spend as much time as I can you with it.

A. help B. helping C. to help D. to helping

【2013联合体二模】If you travel in Guilin, you can a bicycle from the bus station and ride

around the city to enjoy its beauty.

A. hire B. order C. spare D. afford

【2014高淳一模】— Excuse me, will the plane for Beijing _________within an hour?

— I‘m not sure. You can go to the Information Desk for help.

A. get off B. take off C. turn off D. show off

【2014高淳一模】— It‘s raining heavily outside.

— Indeed. I prefer ________ at home ________ on such a day.

A. stay; to go out B. to stay; go out C. staying; to going out

【2014联合体一模】—Justin, what do you think of Tim?

—Well, he is always trying to his wisdom in front of others. A. get off

each time.

A. carry B. clean C. count D. collect

【2014鼓楼一模】—Would you like to food and clothes to the old at a home for the elderly with me? —Of course I would. It‘s very meaningful. A. put out

the past few years.

A. set up B. put away C. given up D. sent up

【2014建邺一模】— What a mess! Daniel, would you please your school things? — Sure, mum.

A. put up B. put on C. put out D. put away

【2014玄武一模】— We weren‘t able to any new suggestions.

— Don't worry. We‘ll try to figure it out.

A. catch up with B. come up with C. make up D. set up

【2014江宁一模】—Mike, how about your journey to Mount Huang?

—Everything was wonderful except that our car_________ once on the way.

A. broke into


A. look for B. find out C. make sure D. think about

【2013泰州】— What do you think of the song ―You and me‖?

— It ______ great. I love singing it.

A. tastes

D. staying; going out B. take off C. show off D. turn off 【2014秦淮一模】Would you please help me ______ the chickens in the garden? I get a different number B. sell out C. find out D. give out 【2014秦淮一模】More Hope Schools have been ______ in China to help children to return to school in B. broke down C. turned into D. turned down 【2014溧水一模】Ann is a careful girl.She always checks her exercises to there are no B. looks C. smells 4 D. sounds


1. Ricky was glad to have a chance to _________ (采访 )a few foreigners who attended "Join the Fun in Jinling "yesterday.

2. At weekends, Nancy enjoys _________ (read) comic books at home. 3. -Wild animals are our friends. -I agree with you. We must _________ (treat) them with kindness.

4. You can‘t watch TV until you finish _________(do) your homework.

5. At present, our spacecraft are too slow to _________(carry) people to Mars.

6. It‘s reported that Shen Jian, director of the Provincial Education Department of Jiangsu, was ______ (采访) by 11 primary school students about some present issues.

7. Look! The teenagers are making cards _____ (show) love for their mothers.

8. In order to provide better services for foreigners during the 2nd Youth Olympic Games, lots of bus and taxi drivers are busy _____ (learn) English.

9. Local people like to _______ (放飞) kites and take a walk in the Olympic Sports Center.

11. I often (买)gifts for my parents on their birthdays.

12. The children all with joy when they heard the good news.

13. Some teenagers don‘t know how to (处理)with their personal problems and they often go to therapy.

14. If you don‘t tell me what the problem is, I can‘t(help) you.

(be) only about three-eighth of that on Earth.

16. Mr Black has been in China for three years and now he is used to 17. It is worth (mention) that Nanjing has entered Top 10 Appealing Chinese Cities.

(告诉)us of any change of your address

(be) interested in action films.

20. — What a heavy rain! —21. I would rather go out tonight, if you don‘t . (介意)

22. A selfish person loves to borrow but hates to 借给)

me. (鼓励)

24. ―You ought to ______ (read)more to improve your English, boys and girls.‖ said Mr. Brown

25. I‘d love to join in the camping, but I have (承诺) to go roller skating with Stephen.

26. One of the difficulties we have in learn) English is how to remember new words and


27. The forest fires in the Northwest are (扩散) out of control.

28. As we know, oil always (漂浮) on water.

29. Xiao Li promised to chat with me on the Internet, but so far he (not do) so.

30. The sport meeting we are looking forward to 31. Students can‘t be made (study) all day. They need more free time.

32. Last week I asked Paul to lend me some money, but he (拒绝).


33. Please stop (cry) and tell me what‘s happened to you, little girl.

34. Six months after the accident, he still has difficulty (walk).

35. The radio says some wild wolves have to (袭击) villagers because of the loss of living areas.

36. Mother‘s Day is coming. He‘ll use what he has (buy ) his mother a new dress.

37. Can you (借给) me your bike? I want to take a bicycle ride around the town.

38. The old man has been (die) for two years, but we still remember what he did for us.

39. The book is worth (read). I plan to take one.

40. We should try to make the foreign students (感到) at home in our school.

41. You had better(buy) some popcorn or soft drinks before the film begins.

42. Cindy has been in Nanjing for three years and now she is used to (live) here.

43. As a Nanjing citizen, we should devote our time to (改善) the environment around us

for the YOG.

44. —Look! An old lady is (躺) by the side of the road.

—What‘s happening? Let‘s go and help her.

45. You‘d better (not play) basketball on the playground in such smoggy weather.

46. Do you think it is better to travel ten thousand miles than (read) ten thousand books?

47. The smart phone which (invent) 14 years ago has changed our everyday life.

48. Mothers‘ Day is coming next month. I want to 买) a gift for her on the Internet.

49. It is pleasant to 参观) Nanjing in spring because a lot of flowers come out then. 50. I think the teacher‘s advice on how to study Chinese is worth 51. The suspect was seen ______ (进入) the Building at 7 p.m. last night.

52. After ______ (consider) the plan carefully, the boss agreed at last.

53. Sam hardly has any good friends because he always (拒绝) to help other people.

55. That performance was a great success and the audience couldn‘t stop (clap) their hands for a long time.

56. Our Maths teacher spent 2 hours 解释) the tough problems to us like this.

57. We were discussing the details of the party when our teacher (enter) the classroom.

58. We’ll have to wait for another two hours because of the late (到达) of the train.


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