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Zang Wei

Whose football is it?

It might be Jim’s.He loves playing football.

Whose backpack is it?

It must belong to Ann. It has her name on it.

Whose violin is it?

It could be Zhang Fan’s. she plays the violin.

No, it isn’t. It can’t be mine. It’s too big for me.

Is this T-shirt yours?

?Use “must” to show that you think something is probably true.

?Use “might” or “could” to show that you think something is possibly true.
?Use “can’t ” to show that you are almost sure something is not true.

Whose things are these? Make a conversation with your partners. Using the words must , could , might , and can’t.




Grammar focus
It must be Ning?s. it has her name on it. Whose French book is this? It could be Ali?s. she studies French. Whose guitar is this? It might belong to Alice. She plays the guitar. Whose T-shirt is this? It can?t be John?s. it?s much too small for him. Whose notebook is this?

Fill in the blanks with must ,may, might, could, can?t 1. Whose earrings are these? They _____ be Mary’s. she wears earrings sometimes. 2. Gina ______ come to the party tonight, but I’m not sure.

3. The telephone is ringing, but nobody answers it. He ______ be at home.
4. Is this Lan Qiang’s boxing glove? Yes, it _____ be his. There is his name on the back. 5. You’d better take an umbrella. It ______ rain this afternoon.

Section A 3a -Section B 2c

Tomorrow is Teachers’ day. We will give our English teacher a present. Can you guess what is in the box?

A: Do you know what is in the box?
B: I guess it must be a card.

A: I don?t think so. I think it might be a scarf.
B: why? A:…

Here is a thank-you message Linda wrote to Ann. but it is not in the right order. You read it and put it in the right order.

Answers: 5 2 4 3 1

When you read the message , you must meet some words you don?t know. Circle them and talk about them. Use

A: What do you think “anxious” mean?

B: Well, it can?t mean “happy”.
A: It might mean “worried”. B: Oh, yes. She is worried because of her test.

can’t, must, could or might.

Look at this man . He is running. Can you guess what happens? Make up a conversation with your partner.

A: Hey! Look at the man running down the street. I want to know what ?s happening? B: He could be running for exercise. A: But he is wearing a suit. A: He might be late for work.

B: …

Listen and complete the sentences.

Suppose when you and your friend walk in the street. You see a man running from a supermarket and a woman is chasing behind him with heavy things.
Make up a conversation with your partner.

A: Oh, look! What?s happening over there? B: Where?

A: A man running very fast from that supermarket.
B: He might…

Section B 3aSelf check

What makes the noise?

T: Look at the picture. How is the person in the picture? S: She is worried. T: Oh, yes. What happens? S: She must see something terrible.

Read the passage quickly,

and circle the words you don?t know. Talk about these new words with your partners. A: Do you know the word “interview” ? B: No, I don?t. it might mean “…” A: Oh, yes! …

Fill in the blanks with the right words. Zhou Gu, the local school teacher is ________ worried. When he was ________ ______ the local newspaper, he said,” Every night we hear _______ noise out side our window. My wife thinks that it ______ ____ an animal, but my friends and I thinks it _____ _____ teenagers _______ fun. The police think it ______ _____ the wind. I don?t _______ _______.

Write another paragraph about Bell Tower using these notes. ?Chu family – late night footsteps in the hallway – might be the neighbors. ?Lao Zheng – someone trying to get in the window – might be the wind

?Xiao Ning – find garbage in front of her house – might be cats.

No more mystery in Bell Tower
We now know what was happening in Bell Tower Neighborhood. The director of the local zoo says that three monkeys escaped from… ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _______________________.

Look at this head line and finish the article about the strange events in Bell Tower.

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