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中考英语专题训练五 形容词和副词3

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中考英语专题训练五 形容词和副词3


一、 单项选择

1、The boy enjoys eating meat, ____ beef . That’s why he is so fat .

A. special B. especially C. especial D. as many

2、You should put the rubbish into the dustbin____

A. nearest B. nearby C. nearly D. near

3、I feel ____ to swim in the sea in the hot summer.

A. comfortable B. comfortably C. terribly D. terrible

4、Tianjin Street used to be very ____. I don’t know what it is like now ?

A. nosily B. quietly C. busily D. lively

5、The teacher seemed ____ when she saw the dirty classroom.

A. to be angry B. happily C. happy D. angrily

6、It sounds ____ , but it’s ____.

A. strange , true B. strangely , true C. strange , real . D. strangely , real

7、My friend will go to New York by plane. I hope everything goes ____.

A. good B. lucky C. fast D. well

8、Great Britain’s population is as ____ as France’s.

A. much B. small C. few D. large

9、The man lives ____, but he never feels ____.

A. alone . lonely B. alone , alone C. lonely , alone D. lonely , lonely

10、The man was very rich but he looked ____.

A. happy B. happily C. angrily D. unhappy

11、We should try to keep our city ____.

A. cleaning B. clean C. safely D. warm

12、What a ____sports car he is driving !

A. cool B. cold C. well D. OK

13、The boy was ____ in English when he was at school.

A. good B. well C. week D. interesting

14、You must keep ____ in the reading room.

A. noisy B. quite C. quietly D. quiet

15、It’s necessary for us students to dress ____ when we go to school.

A. carefully B. neatly C. quickly D clean

16、“Two Brothers” is very popular and it sells ____ now.

A. bad B. badly C. well D. good

17、You are ____ late. Mike has already gone.

A. serious B. nearly C. terribly D. almost

18、What’s a pity ! We can only see ____ coral reefs now.

A. died B. dying C. dead D. death

19、How ____ we were when we saw ____ football match.

A. excited , excited B. exciting , exciting

C. excited, exciting D. exciting , excited

20、She doesn’t spend ____ on these things.

A. too many B. too little C. too much D. anything

21、The pair of shoes cost her ____.

A. too expensive B. too cheap C. too much D. very few

22、That sounds really ____.

A. wonder B. wonderful C. wonderfully D. easily

23、The girls from Hainan were ____ the white snow

A. amazing ai B. amazing by C. amazed D. amazed at

24、You will find it ____ to learn English if you put your heart into it .

A. easily B. difficult C. not easy D. easy

25、My home is only three meters ____. I walk to school every day.

A. far B. far away C. away D. long

26、Father looked ____ because his son had broken his glasses

A. angrily B. angry C. happy D. happily

27、She eats ____ so she is getting fatter and fatter.

A. much too B. too much C. too many D. very much

28、I have never surfed . So I want to do it ____.

A. some times B. some times C. some tire D. sometime

29、Because the boy doesn’t work hard . He could ____ pass the exam.

A. more or less B. almost C. hardly D. nearly

30、____on my way to school, I saw a car accident.

A. Someday B. a day C. Some time D. One day

31、I could ____ read the story. There are many new words in it.

A. almost B. nearly C. hardly D. just

32、I don’t think this cap is ____ worth ____.

A. well ,to buy B. very ,buying C. well buying D. very ,to busy

33、Their talk doesn’t sound ____.

A. clearly B. friendly C. warmly D. politely

34、He is ____kind an old man that all the children like him.

A. very B. so C. rather D. such

35、We can’t buy ____much mutton with ____ little money.

A. so ,such B such ,so C. so , so D. such , such

36、Everyone was ____ the news of “9.11”

A. excited about B. interesting in C. angry to D. amazed at

37、The fish in the lake have died because of the ____water.

A. clean B. clear C. polluted D. pollute

38、Children use different colours to make their picture____.

A. beautifully B. colorful C. colours D. coloured

39、He told us a ____ story and made everyone laugh and laugh.

A. fun B. funning C. funny D. interesting

40、----Is it ____ that Uncle Wang has made a plane ?

----Yes,I think so .

A. true B. real C. truly D. really

41、It is ____ expensive that few people can afford it. .

A. too B. quite C. so D. very

42、I don’t like this kind , Have you got ____ kind ?

A. many other B. any other C. any another D. any others

43、The girl in yellow coat looks ____ at the nice presents her friends gave.

A. happy B. clearly C. safely D. happily

44、I know ____ what you are thinking.

A.exatly B. exact C. real D. really

45、She can’t read any of the words because she _____went to school when she was young.

A. often B. never C. always D. just

二. 单词拼写

1、Please look after yourself and keep ____(健康)

2、When you got to a party , you’d better dress____(整洁)

3、Linda is a ____(粗心)girl , She does things ____(粗心)

4、This is a ____(特殊的)day in the history of our city .

5、Please make yourself ____(舒适)

6、The car went ____(一直地)down the road.

7、A ____(喧闹的)environment is harmful to our health.

8、Our two sons are very ____(不同的)from each other in many ways .

9、Mr. Li told the little girl to answer the question ____(有礼貌地)

10、Is his illness ____(严重)

11、If ____(可能), telephone me .

12、What do you think of the ____(吃惊)result?

13、I’m sorry to say she did ____(恶劣)in the exam .

14、She looks younger in the ____(艳丽) clothes.

15、We often watch a ____(精彩)match .

16、Staying at home feels ____(舒服)。

17、We had to dig ____(深)to find water .

18、Please speak ____(慢的), I can’t catch you.

19、Move away, boy ! A bus is coming near____(快)

20、To cut down trees is ____(伤害)for our environment

21、This term ____(仅仅), she’s spent 4000 yuan on her study .

22、Please be _____(自信),you’re very clever.

23、The tree is more or less ____(直的)。

24、I hope my daughter can grow up ____(健康)。

25、The big noise made the children ____(害怕)

26、____(悄悄),he went into the bedroom.

27、I’d like a ____(往返)ticket to San Francisco.

28、There is an ____(户外)pool in the hotel .

29、The book was so interesting that I read it ____(几) times.

30、The students had a ____(热烈)discussion in their history class.



1.B 2.B 3.A 4.D 5.A 6.A 7.D 8.D 9.A 10.D 11.B 12.A 13.C 14.D 15.B 16.C 17.D 18.C 19.C

20.C 21.C 22.B 23.D 24.D 25.C 26.B 27.B 28.D 29.C 30.D 31.C 32.C 33.B 34.B 35.C 36.D

37.C 38.B 39.C 40.A 41.C 42.B 43.A 44.A 45.B


1.healthy; 2.neatly; 3.careless,carelessly; 4.special; 5.comfortable; 6.straight; 7.noisy;

8.different; 9.politely; 10.serious; 11.possible; 12.amazing; 13.badly; 14.colorful; 15.wonderful;

16.comfortable; 17.deep; 18.slowly; 19.fast 20.harmful; 21.alone; 22.confident; 23.straight;

24.healthily; 25.frightened; 26.Quietly; 27.round-trip; 28.outdoor; 29.several; 30.lively

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