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Unit 6

Self Check

1 Whose movie is it ? This is Hong Tao’s latest movie . 2 What does the reviewer think of the director and his movies ?
He’s made great movies over the years . But this is the worst one .

3 what does the movie reviewer suggest you to do ? If you ‘re looking for entertainment , stay at home and watch TV .

4 Where can we see this exhibition ?
At the Lido Gallery . 5 What do you know about Amy Kim ?

Amy Kim is one of the best-known Chinese photographers in the world .

6 What does the band reviewer think of their music ?

The reviewer loves to hear ,though they’re really loud and he can’t understand the words .
7 Why do some musical groups come and go so quickly ? Because there are so many musical groups .

Self check

remind can’t stand look for prefer love

prefer 1 I __________ classical music to pop music . reminds 2 That man ____________ me of my English teacher . They wear the same clothes .
3 We’re looking for a quiet place to go on _________ vacation . Do you know a good place ?

love 4 I ________ eating ice cream on a hot day .There’s nothing better .

can’t stand 5 I __________ feel sick.

hamburgers ! They make me

Where have you ever been to ?
What place do you like ?
I like the place
that has beautiful scenery . that has long history . that has different kinds food . that I can enjoy . that has an amusement park .

Read the e-mail and write a reply
玩得 老实说 Dear pan pal, 开心 I’m having a great time in Hong Kong,although I 课程 have to be honest and say that I prefer to Shanghai. Still,it’s a great place to visit and I am lucky to be here for my six-month English course. Some other students are learning French . I might like to learn some too. What languages would you like to learn?There’s just so much to see and do here. Last night I went to a Chinese music concert. 看不完的景、做不完的事 Most of my friends like loud music so the concert suited me just fine. What kinds of music do you 激昂的音乐 like? 副词 very 正适合我


Before the concert we went for Italian food. Do you like it? There are lots of different 副词,表一 寄宿家 kinds of food here. I don’t know what to try 段距离 庭 next. What kinds of food do you prefer? My host family is taking me over to an Indian film festival next weekend. I’m not sure what to expect because I’ve never 我不知道到时侯会怎样 seen an Indian film. Have you? Some people say they’re boring,but others say they are great. What kinds of films do you prefer? Yours,

1 which city does Lingling prefer ,Shanghai or Hong Kong ?
She prefers Shanghai .

2 Does Lingling go to Hong Kong just for fun ?

No, she goes there for her six-month English course .
3 What kinds of movies do her friends like ?

Her friends like loud music that they can dance to .
4 Where is her host family taking her to next weekend?

Her host family is taking her to an Indian film festival .

One sample version
Dear Ling

ling, I’m very glad to know that you have a great time in Hong Kong, and I expect to have a chance to go to Hong Kong to have a visit and to learn English myself. I want to learn English because English is widely used in the world. It

is a bridge for us to communicate with people of other countries and to learn the different culture in different countries. If I learn English well, I can read many books, magazines,

newspapers in English. And I can
enjoy many great films in English.

I listened to a good CD recently. It is about the life on the campus. I like music that has great lyrics and songs that singers sing their words clearly. And most of my friends also like music that they can sing along with.

Last Sunday we went to a very good
restaurant. Chinese food is my favorite.

I like spring rolls, dumplings, smoked
fish and so on. I don’t often go to cinemas. But I often watch films on TV at home. I prefer to see foreign films that have

been awarded Oscar Prizes such as Gone with the Wind, Titanic, Pride and Prejudice etc. I think they are great. Yours ,


根据汉语完成句子 1. _______ ____ ___(无论你做什么), don’t Whatever you do forget to tell me. 2. I’m going to Hainan for my three-week ________ ________ (为期3周的假期)。 holiday 3. I prefer classical music (更喜欢古典音 ___ ________ ______ 乐)to pop music. 4. That man reminds___ __ (使我想起 ______ me of 了)my teacher. They wear the same clothes.

5. We’re looking for a quiet place to ___on vacation go ___ ______(度假) . Do you know a good place? 6. I love eating ice cream on a hot day. There’s ______ _______(没有比这更 nothing better 好的了)。 7. I can’t _____(不能忍受) hamburgers. ____ stand They made me feel sick.. 8. ____ ____ ____ ____(什么类型音 What kind of music 乐)do you like?

填入合适的关系代词 1. John is the manwho/that _______owns the book. 2. This is the pen which/that I bought on _________ Sunday. 3. Who’s the girl______________ Bill is whom/who/that dancing with? 4. Are these all the letters _____ came in that this morning’s post?

5. The people _________ used to live who/that in that house have moved. 6. The bus which/that goes to the _________ hospital is No. 33.

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