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2013年新目标初一下英语Unit7 Section B 1a-2c课件

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Unit 7
It’s raining!
Section B Period 1 (1a-2c)

How is the weather?

It’s cloudy.

It’s sunny.

It’s rainy/raining.

It’s snowy/snowing.

It’s windy.

What seasons are they? What do you

think of the weather?





Autumn cool

Winter cold

1a Match the words with the pictures.

1. _____ d dry
2. _____ a cold

3. _____ e cool
4. _____ b warm

5. _____ c hot

1b Ask and answer questions about the weather in the pictures in 1a.
How’s the weather in picture d?
It’s dry and very hot, because it is a desert!

a. winter, outside, snowing, icy, wear a hat and scarf,… b. spring, outside, lake, mountains, very comfortable, wear a T-shirt,… c. summer, inside, humid, sticky, fan, not comfortable,… d. daytime, desert, sand, camels, very hot, sunny,… e. outside, autumn, golden leaves on the trees, wear a sweater,…

1c Listen and write what Mary and Eric answer to How’s it going.
How’s it What are you going? doing?
Mary Eric not bad great I’m visiting my grandmother. I’m having a party.

How’s the weather?
hot, dry, sunny terrible, cold, raining

1d Listen again. Write the answers to What are you doing and How’s the weather.

1e Role-play a conversation between Mary and Eric.

Describe the weather in the four seasons.
How’s weather in spring? It’s warm and humid.

CCTV Weather Report

Hello, everyone! I’m going to give a weather report.

Beijing is sunny. It’s hot.
Shanghai is … Chengdu is …

Thank you!

How’s your challenge going? Great ! Pretty good ! Not bad !

Terrible !

2a Talk about the pictures below with a partner. How’s the weather? What are the people doing?
a. It’s warm and sunny. She is sitting by the pool and drinking orange juice.

b. It’s cool and cloudy. They are climbing the mountains.

c. It’s raining. She is writing a letter in her room.

2b Match each postcard below with the correct picture in 2a.

Top postcard: Picture a
Bottom postcard: Picture b

判断正误 (“T” 表示正确, “F” 表示错误)。

F 1. Su Lin’s uncle is working in Canada. F 2. The weather is cool in Canada. T 3. Dave is having a great time in Europe!

1. I’m having a great time visiting my aunt in Canada. 我在加拿大看望我的姑姑很开心。 have a great time (in) doing sth. 享受 做某事、喜欢做某事、玩得愉快 相当于 have a good time (in) doing sth. We have a great time (in) playing tennis. 我们打网球打得很开心。

have a difficult / hard time (in) doing sth. 很吃力 / 很费力地做某事 He is ill in bed for nearly a month, so he has a hard time ______ the exam. A. pass B. to pass C. passed D. passing 解析:have a hard time doing sth.“很难做某事”, 后面要用动词的-ing形式,所以选D。句意是: “因为他在床上病了将近一个月,所以很难通过 考试” 。

2. She is working here and I’m going to summer school. 她在这里上班,而我在上暑期

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