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八年级仁爱英语Unit8topic2 sectionB

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八年级仁爱英语Unit 8 Our Clothes

Topic 2 We can design our own uniform. Section B

课型: 新授课 课时 2 执笔/审核/ 授课人:林娟 授课时间

一 学习目标


2. 继续学习what 和where 等引导的宾语从句和it’s +adj+ that复习不定时



将It is+adj.+of sb. +to do sth用it’s+ adj+ that进行替换


2)而It is +adj.+for sb.+to do sth表示做某事对某人来说很adj. 这里的adj.是修饰do sth.的 表示做某事真是太adj.了

It is wise of them to turn down the suggestion. 他们很明智,拒绝了这个建议。 It is wise for them to turn down the suggestion. 他们拒绝这个建议是明智的。 请用for和of进行填写

It’s very kind ______ you to help me.

It’s clever ______ you to work out the maths problem.

It’s very dangerous ______childrern to cross the busy street.

It’s difficult ______ us to finish the work.



句型1 Can you tell me what I should wear here. 译__________________ 句型2 Can you tell me where the special shoes are. 译_____________回答 句型3 I don’t know why. 译____________.

句型4 It’s important to wear suitable clothes on every occasion.(提建议)

二)Section B课堂教学单词之后立即从中找出下列7个短语(注意黑体字),圈下来将翻译来。

1.wear jeans/a business suit/sports clothes/ suitable clothes _______

2. change leather shoes____3.take off_____4. enter one’s home_____

5. It’s important to do _____6. on every occasion____7.dress correctly_____ 五 问题合作探究


step 2. 生读1a进行填空,完成1c同时找出含宾语从句的句型 (3个)和含不定式的句子 It’s necessary for us to wear sports clothes and sports shoes on the playground.


step 3. 生读1a的句型4,用2部分的提示词,模仿句型4它进行造句完成,

step 4. 生读2的句型用it’s+ adj+ that进行替换练习

Step 5. 生听3部分的句子,注意语调,

Step 6.生听句子并模仿,

六 成果展示


1).穿着牛仔裤、西装、运动服、合适的衣服 ___ 2). 换皮鞋 ____3).脱下 _____

4).回家 _____5). 做某事是重要的_____6). 在每个场合____7).穿着得体 _____

2. 听句子并模仿

七 快乐达标

一). 选词填空

( )1. —Is ____ possible that everyone likes the same clothes?

—No, I don’t think so. A. this B. that C. it D. what

( )2. —The old man still ____ a thin coat though it’s winter.

—Maybe he needs help from the government.

A. puts on B. wears C. with D. in ( )3. —The dress looks ____ ____ you. —Really? Then I’ll take it. A.nice; in B. nice; on C. ugly; in D. ugly; on

( )4. —I think everyone should wear suitable clothes on every occasion.

—____. Different occasions, different clothes. A.Good luck B. It’s my pleasure C. I agree with you D. The same to you

( )5. —Did Mr. White tell you ____? —Yes. He said he went there in 2003.

A. when he traveled to Tibet B. how he goes to Wuhan

C. where he spent his holidays D. why did he visit Kunming

( )6. —It’s necessary ____ us ____ obey the traffic rules.

—You’re right. Everyone has but only one life.

A. for; to B. for; for C. to; to D. to; for

( )7. —Little Tom can mend the bike by ____. —Really? How clever!

A. he B. him C. his D. himself

( )8. Sometimes the police wear casual clothes to ____ special tasks.

A. carry off B. carry on C. carry with D. carry out

( )9. —My father often stops me from ____ in the river alone.

—He’s right. It’s too dangerous. A.swim B. swims C. swimming D. swam

( )10. Nancy, as well as her parents, often ____ shopping on Sunday afternoon.

A. go B. goes C. went D. are going Ⅱ. 情景交际。(5分)


A. I just like blue and green. B. Would you like to choose one for me? C. Thank you.

D. You're a little short, E. It looks so beautiful on you. F. It's a pleasure. G. You're a little fat A: Hi, Mary. What a nice dress!

B: But I think it doesn’tyou’d better try a dark color.

A: I don’tof spring, youth and energy.

八 家庭作业:完成任务练习册Section B

九 教学反思

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