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2013年新目标初一下英语Unit7 Section A 3a-3b课件ppt

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Unit 7
It’s raining!
Section A Period 2 (3a-3b)

Do you know these places? How’s the weather?

How is the weather in …?




Japan Toronto


What are you doing in the weather?
What’s your feeling?

sunny windy
I’m flying a kite. How's it going?


snowy snowing

We’re making a snowman.
How’s it going?

Pretty good!

windy rainy raining I’m walking. How’s it going?



I’m …
How's it going?

Not bad.

3a Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verb in the box. Then practice the conversation with a partner.
be play study talk do make

1. A: What are you doing? am doing my homework. I always B: I __________ _________ my homework in the evening. do

2. A: What’s John doing right now? is playing soccer. He _________ plays B: He __________
soccer every Saturday.

3. A: _________ Julie ___________ Is studying English right now?
B: No, she isn’t. She ____________ is studying Chinese.

4. A: What are Susan and Jane doing? are making soup. They can B: They _____________
________ make very good soup. talking on the phone again? 5. A: _______ Lisa _______ Is talks on the phone for three B: Yes, she _______ hours every day!

3b Yuan Yuan from CCTV is interviewing people in five different places. Fill in the chart below.
How’s the weather? What are they doing?

It’s sunny and warm. It’s windy. It’s snowing.
It’s hot and humid. It’s raining.

He’s playing the guitar.
They’re hiking. They’re cooking. He’s writing. They’re playing soccer.

What kind of weather do you like? Why?

How’s it going?

Not bad.
How’s the weather? Terrible. It’s raining.

Look at the picture.
?What ?Look

the weather?

are they doing? at their faces.

What are their feelings?

Can you find out the differences
in the two pictures?

1. When the sun comes out, it’s________. sunny cloudy 2. When there are some clouds, it’s_________. 3. When it’s raining, it’s_________. rainy snowy 4. When it’s snowing, it’s_________.

5.When the wind is blowing (吹), it’s
windy __________.

1. We want _____ this book now. D A. reading B. am reading C. read D. to read 2. That boy isn’t ____the teacher . D A. listen B. listens C. listening D. listening to 3. ---____ you ____ the window? C --- Yes, I am. A. Do, clean B. Is, cleaning C. Are, cleaning D. Do, cleaning

A 4. It’s eight o’clock. Jim’s father ____TV. A. is watching C. watch B. are watching D. to watch

5. ____is the weather there? It’s windy. B A. What C. What’s B. How D. how

6. ____the weather like today? Cloudy. D A. How’s C What B. What does D. What’s

7.What’s the weather like today? ____ B

A. It’s rain.
C. It rainy.

B. It’s raining.
D. It’s wind.

sunny (sun) today, but it’s_______ windy 1. It’s _______ (wind). 2. Look! What _______they________? doing (do) are They __________ are playing (play) tennis. 3. There ___(be) some milk in the glass. is

go (go)

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