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unit9 Have you ever been to a museum

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Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum? Section A

学习目标 1、学习生词和短语从65页到66页。 2、进一步学习现在完成时,区别have/has been to&have/has gone to. 3、区别me neither&me too. 4、形容词或不定式修饰不定代词或不副词要后置。 ? 自主学习 1、根据音标和读音规则学习生词P65—66. 2、看图画并试读开始的对话,尽力理解该对话。 3、读1a并回答Which of these places would you like to visit? 4、读并理解2b. 5、听录音并完成1b&2b. ? 合作学习 读开头的对话以及1c,2c&2d并理解。


区别have been to、have been in/at&have gone to

1、 have been to曾经去过,现已回来,可接次数 eg:He has been to Beijing 3 times. 2、have been in/at在某地呆了多长时间,常接时间段 eg:He has been in London for half a year.他在伦敦呆了半年了。 3、have gone to到某地去了,尚未回来,通常不用第一人称。 eg:She’s not here. She has gone to Qingdao.她不在这里,她去了青岛。 4、have been to后面接副词,如here/there/home时,to要省略. eg:--Is Mr Smith in Shanghai? –Yes, he has been there several times. 5、特殊疑问句Where have you been?你去哪里了(已回来)其中where为副 词,to 也要省略掉eg:Where has she been?她去哪里了? 6、have been in+组织,表示加入某组织。 eg:He has been in the army for 3 years.他参军三年了。 7、have been+adj/n.呈现…状态 eg:The shop has been open for ten years.这家店营业十年了。

eg:We have been friends since we were 5.我们从5 岁就一直是朋友。 8、ever,never常与现在完成时连用,是现在完成时态的一个提示词。 ever adv.曾经never adv永不,从未 --Have you ever been there? --No, I have never been there before. 9、neither conj. 结构:neither+助动词/be/情态动词+主语 eg:She never learned to swim. Neither did he.她从未学过游泳,他也没学过。 neither….nor既不…也不eg:Neither you nor he is right. Pron. eg:Neither of the boys is right. Adj. eg:Neither student is from Cangling. 10、so adv. so…that如此…以致 eg:The weather is so hot that most of us feel tired. 主语+be/助动词/情态动词+so 表强调eg:--The girl is lovely. –She is so. So+助动词/be/情态动词+主语表示后者情况符合前者=主语+too. eg:--He can swim. –So can I . --The girl has been to Dali. –So have I. 11、形容词或不定式修饰不定代词或不定副词要后置。 eg:I am going to live somewhere peaceful. eg:I’m so hungry that I want something to eat.

乘车方式: 1、take+限定词+bus/train/plane/subway/boat to+someplace 2、ride a bike/motorbike to +someplace. 3、go to someplace by+交通工具(单数) 4、go to someplace on one’s bike/motorbike/in one’s car/on the train ? lead to someplace通往eg: All roads lead to Rome. lead sb to do sth ? 也:too,as well(句尾,肯定句);too(句尾,一般

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