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初二下Unit1-Unit4 单元检测

B. forgot

C. remembered

D. bought

D . None

( )1. --- Where is your English book? --- Sorry. I _____ it at home.

A. left

( )2. -Do you like talking with your friends on the telephone or mobile phone? - A. Neither

B. Either

C. Both

( )3. --- There ____ a school party in our school next week. --- Really? I can’t wait.

A. will have B. will be

C. is

D. has

( )4. --- Did you take part in the English speech contest last Sunday?

---Yes. It was a wonderful _____ for me though I didn’t win.

A. way

B. time

C. chance

D. experience

( )5. --- I don’t know if Jim ______ here in such cold weather.

--- Me either. But if he ____, everyone will be happy.

A. comes; will come C. comes; comes

A. riding A. other

B. will come; will come

D. will come; comes

C. rode C. others

D. was riding D. the other

( )6. --- While Ann ____ a bike, she met Lucy.

B. is riding B. another

( )7. --- The shirt is too small. Could you please show me ____ one?

( the books ? ---For a week.

A.borrow B.lend C.buy D.keep ( )9. ---Will it rain today? --- _____. It’s too hot. I can’t stand it.

A. It doesn’t matter.

B. I’d like to C. I hope so D. I don’t think so

( )10. --- –Look at that girl! Is it Susan? --No, it _______ be her. She has gone back to her hometown. A. mustn’t B. can’t C. needn’t D. wouldn’t ( )11. ---Where is Tom? I have something to tell him.

---I ____ he is in the library. He is usually in the library at this time.

A. suppose

B. remember

C. decide

D. agree

( )12. The boy asked his father ______.

A. where does it happen C. how it happened

B. when did it happen D. what happens

( )13. --- We ___ visit grandpa every month, Dad.

--- I agree. He lives ____in the country and he needs more care.

A. can; lonely C. can’t; alone

A. everything

B. should; alone

D. would; lonely B. something

C. anything

D. nothing

( )14. --- Sam, the party will begin at seven. Is ___ ok? -- Let me see. Oh, no, we still need to buy some snacks. ( )15. --- The train station is 10 kilometers away from here. It is ____ for me to get there at once on foot. --- So you have to take a taxi to get there.

A. impossible

B. important

C. possible

D. amazing


Barry Tan was a very __1___ businessman. He lived in a large house and drove a big car. He wore expensive clothes and ate his meals in __2__ restaurants. His name was often in the __3___.

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One day a newspaper reporter asked him, “What is the __4__ of your success?” Barry thought for a few __5__ and then said, “ I eat a special kind of fish.” “Really?” the reporter said. “What is it used __6__?” “It makes my __7__ work better,” Barry said. “What kind of fish is it?” the reporter asked.

“Give me fifty dollars and come back tomorrow. I’ll have some for you.” The reporter gave Barry fifty dollars and __8___ his home the next day. “Have you got my __9___ fish?” she asked. “Yes. Come into the house. It’s in the fridges.”

Barry took the reporter into his __10___. He opened the fridge and took out a very __11__ fish. “Here you are. Eat this for your dinner.”

The next day the reporter __12___ Barry again. “Did you eat the fish?” Barry asked her. “Yes, I _13_ it.”

“Good. Do you feel different today?”

“No, I don’t and I think that fifty dollars was __54__ to pay for such a small fish.” “Well done!” Barry said. “You see, the fish is __55___. You’re using your brain now.” ( ) 1. A. successful ( ) 2. A. interesting ( ) 3. A. posters ( ) 4. A. way ( ) 5. A. moment ( ) 6. A. by ( ) 7. A. brain ( ) 9. A. special ( ) 11. A. lovely ( ) 12. A. called ( ) 13. A. killed ( ) 15. A. going

B. loving B. famous

C. busy C. cheap C. books C. secret C. hours C. for

C. mind C. favorite C. big

D. friendly. D. usual D. ads D. truth D. while D. as D. body D. arrived D. surprising D. kitchen D. beautiful D. called for D. fed D. cheap D. swimming

B. newspapers B. importance B. minutes B. in

B. heart B. strange B. small B. fried B. a lot B. coming

( ) 8. A. returned ( ) 10. A. bedroom

B. arrived to B. bathroom B. called up

C. returned to C. sitting room C. called on C. kept C. expensive C. working

( ) 14. A. too little

三.阅读理解 A

A man came back home from work late, tired, to find his six-year-old son waiting for him at the door. “Daddy, how much money do you make an hour?” “If you want to know, I make $20 an hour.”

“Oh,” the little boy replied, with his head down. He thought for a moment, looked up and said, “Daddy, could you lend me $10.”

The father was furious, “if you asked for money to buy a toy or some other rubbish, then go straight to your room and think why you are being so selfish(自私的)!”

The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door. After about an hour or so, the father clamed down and started to think, “May be he really needs to buy something, and he didn’t ask for money every often.” So he went to the little boy’s room.

“Sorry! Maybe I was too hard on you just know,” said the man, “Here’s $10.”

“Oh, thank you, Daddy!” the boy said glad. Then, the boy took out some coins. When the father found that the boy

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初二下unit1-unit4复习题 already had some money, he got angry again.

“Why do you want more money, since you already have some?” the father shouted angrily.

“Because I didn’t have enough, but now I do,” the little boy replied. “Daddy, I have $20 now. can I buy an hour of your time? Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you.”

( ) 1. How much does the man make if he works 10 hours?

A. $10 B.$20 C.$100 D.$200 D. a little nervous ( ) 2. In this passage, the underlined word “furious” means ______. A. very angry B. quite happy C. too excited ( ) 3. At first, the father refused to give the boy any money because _______. A. he thought the boy wanted to keep the money for himself. B. he did not have enough money at that moment

C. he thought the boy would buy something of no use

D. the boy always borrowed money from him.

( ) 4. The boy wanted to buy ______ with twenty dollars.

A. a new book for himself B. a nice present for his father

C. a toy for his own birthday D. an hour of his father’s time

( ) 5. From this passage, we can infer(推断) that the boy’s father _______.


New Play: Three Kids

1st No. 11 £6.50

Enter Right, Door 3

Ref: MK 10020164D

A. It’s for a concert. WEST YORKSHIRE PLAY HOUSE Leeds, LS27UP Tel: 0113 213 7700 Fax: 0113 213 7210 www. wyp.org.uk C. It’s for a play. D. It’s for a speech. Sat. jun. 29 2009 at 2:00 p.m. A. often played with his son B. spent little time with his son C. didn’t love his son at all D. often came back home early 1. What’s the ticket for? ( ) B. It’s for a meeting.

2. When can you use this ticket? ( )

A. On Saturday morning of June 29th. B. On Sunday afternoon of June 29th.

C. On Saturday afternoon of June 29th. D. On Sunday morning of June 29th

3. If you use this ticket, what’s your seat number? ( )

A. 2009

A. £6.5 B. 6.50 B. £19.5

C. 11 D. 29 4. If your parents and you will go there, hoe much will you pay for the tickets? ( ) C. £13 D. £26 C. More gifts D. More friends 5. What can you get from www. wyp.org.uk? ( ) A. More information

B. More money

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