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3a Here is Jim’s and Bill’s letters. Let’s help them to complete the letters. Dear Bill, How was ___ (is) your school trip yesterday? go (go) to the zoo? Did ___ (Do) you ___ ___ (do) Did you take any photos? ___ Did (Do) you ___ see went (go) (see) any interesting animals? I ____ to the zoo last year and it ____ was (is) a lot of fun. Jim

Dear Jim, My school trip was ___ (is) great! We had ___ (have) so much fun! We ____ (go) to Green Park. We went _______ saw climbed (climb) the mountains there and ____ (see) a lot of flowers. We ___ ate (eat) our lunch under some trees and ______ played (play) some games after that. But at about two o’clock, it got (get) very cloudy and weworried ____ _______ (worry) it would rain. Luckily, it _____ didn’t(do not), and the sun came _____ (come) out again! Bill

Free talk: Ask your partner: What did you do on your school trip? Then fill in the following chart and give a report.
Name What did you do on your school trip?
Tom went to a farm, milked a cow


rode a horse, picked some strawberries

Eric went fishing, watched the stars Wang visited grandparents Hai

Last week, we had a school trip. Tom went to a farm. He milked a cow. Lily…

I. 填入适当的词。 1. She often ____ goes (go) to the park on weekends, but yesterday she went ____ (go) to the zoo. 2. Last week she had ___ (have) fun on a farm. 3. What ___ did they __ do (do) on the school trip? They ____ rode (ride) horses and _______ climbed (climb) the mountains.

was their school trip? 4. How ____ It was ___ interesting.

___ __ (go) fishing? Did she go Yes, she did. 5. Did ___ Li Ming ____ pick (pick) any
strawberries? No, he didn’t.

III. 完成下列句子。
1. Lucy did her homework at home.

Lucy ______ __ her homework at home. didn’t do 2. His father worked all day last Monday. (改一般疑问句) ____ _____ all day last Monday? Did his father work

3. I was very busy last week. (改否定

I wasn’t ______ very busy last week. _____ you very busy last week? Were 4. There was some orange in the cup. (变一般疑问句) _____ any orange in the cup? Was there ____

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