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1. Do you have good friends? What is the reason for the fight? Do you regret fighting with him or her?

3. Did you have a fight (吵架,打架)with him or her?

4.Who will you ask for help if you have
problems with your best friends?
Friendship is very valuable. We should cherish (珍惜)it and be patient with your friends.

Making telephone calls
1.Who is calling, please? 你是谁? Who is that speaking? 2.This is Sally speaking. 我是… 3.Is Chen Huan there/in? … 在吗? 4.Could I speak to Betty, please? 我可以和贝蒂讲话吗? 5.Is that Chen Huan speaking? 你是…吗? 5.Hold the line, please. 请别挂断电话. 6.Sorry. He isn’t here/in right 很抱歉, 他此刻不在。 now. 7.Can I take a message? 我能带个信吗? 8.I’ll call back later. 我稍后会再打来。

Complete the conversation.
help you? —Hello, can I _____ —Yes . ___________ Can / May I speak to Alice, please? —May I ask who’s calling ______ ? —This is Jane Black. Hold the line, please, Ms Black. — ______ ___________, I’m sorry Alice is at a meeting right now. Can I _____ take a message? — Yes, please. Could you tell her that I’ll be free tomorrow? — Sure. Bye. — Bye.

1 Lingling wants to speak to Betty / Mrs King. 2 Betty is in / out. 3 Betty’s friend / Mrs King’s friend works on the Friendship Helpline.

2 a) I’m sorry, she’s not in at the moment. 3 b) Is that Mrs. King? 1 c) Could I speak to Betty, please? 6 d) May I have the number? 4 e) Can I take a message? 5 f) Thanks so much.

1.Who has a problem? Lingling . 2. What’s her problem? A. She had a big fight with her best friend. B. She feels lonely at a new school. C. Her friend thinks she shouldn’t see her other friends.

1.. Why does she treat Lingling like that? Maybe She doesn’t feel sure of herself and feels lonely without Lingling.
2.. What can Lingling do to help her friend?

A.Find out whether she feels lonely without Lingling B.Be patient with her. C.Explain to her that she can make friends with Lingling’s other friends. D.Introduce her to Lingling’s other friends. E.Encourage her to join in more.

1 Lingling called to ask for advice about her schoolwork. 2 Lingling and her best friend are now in the same school. 3 Lingling is happy to see her best friend at the same school. 4 Lingling is having a hard time in the new school. 5 Lingling gets help from the helpline.

1.和某人有问题 2.叫做 3.(被)分开 4.与某人保持联系 5.喜欢某人做某事 6.向某人提到某事 7.拒绝做某事 8.像那样对待某人 9.对自己有信心 10.感觉孤独

have a problem with sb be called get separated
stay in touch with sb like sb to do mention sth to sb refuse to do treat sb like that feel sure of oneself feel lonely

11.后悔伤害某人 12.对某人有耐心 13.向某人解释某事 14.与某人交朋友 15.尽力做某事 16.向某人介绍某人 17.鼓励某人做某事 18.加入 19.没问题

regret hurting sb be patient with s

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