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Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world? Section A

-It is Amazon. -It’s about 6,500 kilometers long.

The second longest river in the world


It is 8,844 meters high.

The world’s highest mountain in the world.


Do you know Sahara is the biggest desert in the world? Yes, it is about 9,600,000 square kilometers in size.

The longest river in Asia.

The Yangtze River Do you know that the Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia?
Yes, it is 6,300 kilometers long.

It’s 8,844 meters high. 它有8,844米高。 It is … meters high (long, wide…). 它……米高(长,宽……)。 “有多长(宽,高……)”时, 将数词和数量单位放在表示长宽 高的形容词前

翻译句子 1.这张桌子两米长,一米宽。 The table is two meters long and one meter wide. 2.这座山有1500米高。 The mountain is 1,500 meters high. 3.这栋楼120米高。 The building is 120 meters tall. 4.这本字典有五厘米厚。 The dictionary is five centimeters thick. 5.这个湖有多深? 1025米深。 How deep is the lake? It’s 1,o25 meters deep.

1 Feel free to ask me anything on today’s Great Wall tour. 在今天的长城游中,大家尽管随意问我任 何问题。 feel free to do sth 随意做某事 Can I use your bathroom? Yes, feel free. 2 ancient adj.古代的 古老的 My grandmother often tells me old ancient stories.

3 protect v.保护 Sunglasses are used for protecting our eyes in the sun. 4 As far as I know, there are no manmade objects as big as this. 据我所知,再没有像它这样在的人造物体 了。 as far as I know 据我所知 As far as I know , Tom has a twin sister.

longest longer high

big older much

adj long wide deep high tall thick n length width depth height tallness thickness

。。的高度 the height of 。。的人口 the population of 。。的长度 the length of 。。的速度 the speed of 每小时 per hour 人造建筑 man-made structures

你能写出它的同义句吗 ?

The mountain is 1,500 meters high.
The mountain is 1,500 meters in height. The height of the mountain is 1,500 meters.

世界最高the world’s highest mountain the highest mountain in the world 的山 最长的河 the longest river 第二长河 the second longest river 最大的沙漠 the biggest desert 竹林 bamboo forests 最普遍的动物 the most common animals 人口最密集的地方 the most populated place 最古老的文明国家之一 one of the oldest civilizations 像。。一样as…as

1) The Sahara is the biggest desert in the world. 形容词最高级前通常必须用定冠词 the, 副词最高级前可不用。 形容词most前面没有the,不表示最高 级的含义,只表示"非常"。 It is a most important problem. =It is a very important problem.

注意: 使用最高级要注意将主语包括在比 较范围内。 (错) Tom is the tallest of his three brothers. (对) Tom is the tallest of th

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