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what are you doing for vacation

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What are you doing for vacation?

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Camping 野营 Babysitting 照顾小孩 Watching TV Exercising Relaxing at home 在家休息 Playing basketball Visiting my grandma 看望我的奶奶 Spending time with friends 与朋友一起消磨时 光

Jack: I am spending time with my friends. What are you doing for vacation?

Mary: I am babysitting my sister, because my mother is visiting my grandma tomorrow.

? How long may I keep your bike? How long may I borrow your bike? ? He left the classroom just now. ? Just think! show sb sth = show sth to sb get back to / return to+ 地点名词

A: Where are you doing for vacation? B: I’m going to Hawaii. A: Who are you going with? B: I’m going with Eason. A: How long are you staying? B: I’m staying there for one week.

Remember all the words and phrases. Make a plan about your summer holiday.

Thank you !

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