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班级 姓名 得分

一. 单项选择 (20分)

( ) 1.Don’t be scared him.

A. in B. at C. to

D. of

( ) 2. There will a math exam this evening. A. have B. do C. be D.is

( ) 3. Tony I am in Class 4.We are in Class 1.

A. Both;and B. Either;or

C. Not;but

D. Neither;nor

( ) 4. This morning I saw many people in the park. A.run B.runs C.running D.to run ( ) 5. Thank you the flowers and postcards. A.to B. with C. for D. about

( ) 6. My mother didn’t go to bed she finished cleaning the house. A.when B.until C.as soon as D.while

( ) 7. More and more people have fun morning exercise. A.doing B. do C. does D.did

( ) 8. We think a season fine ,warm weather and clear ,fresh air.

A.about ;of B.of;for C.of;about D.of;of ( ) 9. The baby is sleeping.Please stop . A.talking B.talked C.talks D.talk ( )10. Hurry!There’s no time shopping. A.goes B.went C.going D.to go

( )11. is good to do some exercise in the morning. A.This B. It C.That D.One

( )12. They arrived Shanghai a cold morning. A.in;in B.in;on C.at;on D.at;in ( )13. Mike likes swimming.So I. A.does B.can C.am D.do

( )14. They turn the old building a library. A.in B.into C.on D.onto ( )15. — , Li Lei? — It’s windy and cold.

A. What’s the weather B. How is the weather C.What’s the temperature D. Is it windy today

( )16.You must keep your room .

A.clean B.cleans C.cleaning D.to clean ( )17.The boy is to carry the heavy box.

A.strong enough B.enough strong

C.weak enough D.enough weak ( )18.Let’s continue after reading the poem.

A.write B.to write C.writing D.of writing ( )19.Please use cotton clothes.

A.to make B. made C.make D.making ( )20.We looked around,but we found .

A.nothing strange B.anything strange C.strange something D.strange anything 二. 完形填空 (10分)

A plant makes its own food in its leaves.Water comes to the leaves through 绿色素)in the leaves uses the water and air to 3 the food for the plant.It also needs sunshine because a plant can make food only when the sun is But some plants don’t need in their stems.

Animals and people could not green plants.They both eat plants.People and some animals the meat of some animals and these animals eat plants.So plants are all living things.Someone says,”Protecting the plants is protecting ”Don’t you think so? 1.A.flowers B.roots C.seeds D.leaves 2.A.small B.big C.good D.bad 3.A.buy B.bring C.make D.pass 4.A.rising B.setting C.going D.shining 5.A.few B.much C.little D.many 6.A.keep B.make C.take D.have 7.A.plant B.eat C.live D.feed 8.A.don’t B.also C.never D.always 9.A.new B.hard C.easy D.important 10.A.tress B.animals C.ourselves D.the sun 三. 阅读理解 (20分)


Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. This is an old English saying. Have you heard of it before? It means that we must go to bed early and get up early in the morning. Then we shall be healthy. We shall also be rich /wealthy and clever /wise.

This is true. The body must have enough sleep to be healthy. Children of young age should have 10 hours’ sleep every night. Children who do not have enough sleep can’t do their work very well. They won’t be wise and they may not become wealthy.

The body also needs exercise. Walking, running, swimming and playing games are all exercise. Exercise keeps the body strong.

Exercise also helps the blood to move around inside the body. This is very important. Our blood takes food to all parts of our body. The head also has blood. Exercise helps us to think better.

1. If we get up early and go to bed early, we’ll A. have enough exercise B. be healthy C. think better D. have strong blood 2. If a child doesn’t have 10 hours’ sleep, maybe he. A. becomes rich B. can’t do well in his work C. goes to work in time D. has enough sleep . A. it makes him healthy B. he has a lot of homework to do

C. he is strong enough D. he does exercises A. body B. blood C. children D. head

5. Which of the following isn’t true?

A. Exercise does good to a person’s head. B. A student should have 10 hours’ sleep.

C. It’s good for you to get up early and go to bed early. D. If you have enough blood, you’ll be wise.


Some people have a very poor sense of direction. Unluckily,I am one of them. I have visited a place many times but I may still get lost there the next time.

When I was a little girl,I never dared to ask strangers the way. And so I used to walk round in circles and hope that by chance I would get to the place I was going to.

Now,I am no longer too shy to ask people for directions,but I often receive helpless or even wrong information. So I try to avoid giving people wrong directions. If anyone ever asks me the way somewhere,I always say,“Sorry,I am a stranger here.”

Once on my way to work I was stopped by a man. He asked me if I could tell him the way to the Friendship Building. I gave him my usual reply. But just as I walked on only a few steps, I realized that he had asked the way to my office building. However,I had no time to turn back and look for him. I was rushing to meet with someone at my office and I didn’t want to keep him waiting.

When I just got to my office,the secretary showed in the man who had he was when we saw each other at the first sight!

. A. she’s a stranger to the city B. she doesn’t know the people

C. she has no time to help others D. she’s afraid of giving wrong directions

. A. sell her something B. ask for the time C. make friends with her D. ask for the direction . A. lives B. studies C. works D. teaches

9. The word “embarrassed” in the last paragraph means “”. A.尴尬 B.困惑 C.激动 D.拮据

10. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. The writer is too shy to give others directions. B. The writer has a very poor sense of direction. C. The writer never got lost when she was young.

D. The man was quite nervous when he saw the writer. 四. 词语运用 ,用单词的正确形式填空。(10分) 1.It will be 2.He knows a lot of 3.My sister 4.Kate doesn’t know (something)about it. 5.Look!He ’t find anywhere to put our books. 7.Your classroom is much 8.Don’t forget (water)the flowers.

10.Please drive (careful)on your way home.

五. 完成句子 (10分)

对划线部分提问) ? 2.This plant comes from Asia.(改为同义句)

. 3.It grows in the middle of Africa.(改为一般疑问句) ? 4.He has written many popular books about gardening.(改为否定句) . 5.How interesting the storybook is! (改为同义句) . 六. 找错改错题 (10分)

A B C D ( A B C D ( A B C D ( A B C D ( A B C D ( 七. 情景对话 (10分) A:It’s a fine day today,isn’t it? B:Yes,it is.It’s very sunny. A:Do you like the weather here?

B:Yes .But sometimes it’s very hot in summer,isn’t it? A:

B:Really?I like snow very much.

A:By the way,which season do you like best? A:Why?

B:Because in spring the weather gets warm,and I can plant trees. B:Yes,very much.

A:Why do you plant trees?

B:Because trees are important to us.We should plant more trees and protect them well. B:Once a year.

A:When do you plant trees in a year?

A:Tree Planting Day is coming soon.May I go to plant trees with you this year? B:sure.

八. 书面表达 (10分)

春天是万物复苏、春暖花开的美丽季节。请以春天为主题,根据提示与要求写一篇短文,简单介绍一下这个季节的特点以及可以进行的户外活动。 提示:① 春天到了,雪开始融化,花朵绽放,树木发芽;

② 可以进行的户外运动有踢足球、放风筝、野餐、爬山等。 要求:① 语句通顺,语法正确,可适当发挥;

② 不少于50词。

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