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go play jump swim put dance get fly read look eat walk like


1.Ben_____a new bicycle.

A.have B.has C.are D.were

2.Kitty_____her bicycle to the park.

A.ride B.riding C.rides D.ridden

3.A man _____in front of his car.

A.walk B.walks C.walking D.work

4.Sam’s bicycle ______a bell.

A.have B has C.having D.is having

5.The girl on the bike _______ “Excuse me”

A.say B.saying C.says D.sayes

6.How _____it feel?

A.does B.do C.are D.is

7.Mog______not like his cushion.

A.do B.is C.does D.are

8.He ______Min’s cushion.

A.likes B.like C.does D.are

9.He_______with his mouse.

A.smelling B.smells C.smell D.is smell

10.Lucy_______with her hands.

A.touch B.touching C.touches D.touchs

11.Superdog________the boys

A.see B.sees C.seeing D.ses

12.Supergirl and Superdog______them.

A.saves B.save C.saving D.is saving

13.Jack_______their cow.

A.sells B.sell C.selling D.are selling

14.Jack______up the beanstalk.

A.gets B.get C.climb D.climbs

15.The giant ______boys.

A.eating B.don’t eat C.eats D.eat

16.The goose_______golden eggs.

A.lay B.lays C.layed D.layes

17.The woman_______the beanstalk.

A.cut B.cutting C.are cut D.cuts

18.Her mother ______the beanstalk.

A.take B.is take Ctakes D. taking 19Jack andher mother _____happer

A.does B.are C.is D. have

20.He____the beans in the ground.

A.buy B.puts C.put D.buys


1.She ______(do) homework by herself.

2.Jack ______(go) home by bike.

3.The giant______(climb) up the beanstalk.

4.Her mum ______(run) to the goose.

5.He______(do not)like apple.

6,Sam______(put) it under his arm.

7.The boy_______(chase) it.

8.Kitty______(watch)TV everyday.

9.He______(feed)them at 8:00 in the morning.

10.When ______(do)he get up?

11.Grandma Wang___(live) in Pudong.

12.The girls___(give) the key to Grandpa.

13.That key ______(open) the old box.

14.She ______(say) “I like these puppets”.

15.What_____(do)Alice find?

16.Which toy_____(do) she like?

17.He doesn’t______(know)her name.

18.John can’t_______(find) his watch.

19.Where _____(do)Grandma live?

20.How does he______(go)to the post office?.

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