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Unit 10

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Unit 10

1 would like 想要

2 beef and carrot noodles胡萝卜牛肉面

3one large bowl of beef soup一大碗牛肉汤

4 take one’s order 点菜

5green tea 绿茶

6 order form订购表

7 around the world 世界各地

8the number of ……的数量

9make a wish 许愿

10blow out 吹来

11 cut up 切碎

12 bring good luck to 给……带来好运


1 what would you like? I’d like the beef noodles ,please .


2what kind of noodles would you like?


3 what size would you like ?I’d like a large /medium/small bowl(of noodles),please . 你想要多大碗的?我想要一份大/中/小碗

4Would you like a large bowl? Yes ,please / No ,thanks


5Would you like to go with me ? Yes ,I’d love/like to . I’m sorry ,I can’t 你想要和我一起去吗?是的,我很乐意!/对不

6There isn’t any (meat)=There is no meat

no+不可数名词=not any +不可数名词

no+可数名词复数=not any+可数名词复数

no+可数名词单数=not a+可数名词单数

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