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初一英语下册仁爱版Unit 5 Topic 3 Section D

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Present Simple I often speak English with my classmates. He usually plays soccer, but he doesn’t play basketball.

Present Continuous I am reading an English book. The boy is drawing pictures. He isn’t cleaning the blackboard.

They usually have lunch at They are having a music school. class.

_______ are they having? What ________ class They are having a music class. _______ does the next class begin? What ________ time At ten fifty. _______ English lessons does he have How ________ many every week? Five. I don’t like it. It's a little difficult. My school life is very interesting. My teachers and classmates are very kind to me.

Read 2 and check your answers.
? 1. What does Li Mei do? She is a student. ? 2. What’s in the school newspaper?
My Favorite Music, Science Today and so on.

? 3. Why does she like Science Today best? Because she can learn a lot from it. ? 4. How does Li Mei like the school newspaper? She thinks it’s wonderful.

Read the following passage about the study habits, paying attention to the words, such as never, often and seldom.


I usually do my homework after supper. When I study English, I never listen to English CDs. Sometimes I use a dictionary to learn new English words. I also always study English grammar. But I seldom speak English after class. I really should speak English more often. I usually read English stories every week, and I always write new sentences every day.

Compare your study habits with your partner's. Then discuss how to improve them.

1. Some new words and phrases: February, hard, learn…from, thank you for… 2. Grammar Present Simple VS Present Continuous 3. Useful expressions: I can learn a lot from it. Thank you for your hard work. ...

Listen to the conversations and complete the table.




Place playground library zoo

have a P.E. class Kangkang Wednesday /play soccer Maria Monday read books go to the zoo /watch animals have a biology class

Li Yang



Write a letter about your school life to Li Mei. Example: Dear Li Mei, My name is Li Ming. I ’ m in Class2, Grade 7. My school life is very interesting. English is my favorite subject. I like playing soccer. I like my school life very much... Yours, Li Ming

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