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八年级英语下unit10 单词拼写

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八年及英语下 Unit10 单词拼写

1. Our family has c_________ so many things over the years, but we don’t use them anymore.

2.It’s hard to say g______ to certain things.

3._____y the way, how long have you had that bike over there?

4.I learned how to ride a bike o_____ it.

5.Old things really bring back sweet m_______.

6. You can sell those old toys or books, or you can also give them a_____ to kids or people in n_______ .

7. Oh! How much is this book?

----You can have it f_____ 75 cents

8.Why are you selling it?

Because I don’t read it a________.

9.Lets look t________ this box of old things

and decide what to give away.

10. Even t_______ I’ve already read it twice, it’s still my favorite book.

11.I want to keep the bear because I’ve had

it since I was a baby. It has s_____ meaning

to me because Grandma gave it to me.

12.My children are growing up fast. My daughter is 16 and my boy is already in j______ high school.

13. As they get bigger our house s______ to get smaller.

14. We have already c_____ out a lot of things from our bedrooms.

15. A________ he has not played with his old toys for a long time, he still wanted to keep them.

16.For e________, he has owned a train and railway set since his fourth birthday, and he played with it almost every week until he was about seven.

17.And he did not want to lose his toy monkey, e________.

18.He slept n______ to the monkey every night when he was a child.

19.My daughter was more u_________, although she also felt sad to part with certain toys.

20.As for me, I did not want to give up my football shirts, but, to be h_______, I have not played for a while now.

21.Some people still live in their hometown. However, o_______ may only see it once or twice a year.

22.Nowadays, m_______ of Chinese leave the countryside to search for work in the cities.

23.A_______ these is Zhong Wei, a 46-year- old husband and father.

24.It’s a s________that I don’t have the time to visit my hometown .

25.Many people like Zhong Wei r_______ with great interest how their hometowns have changed

26.Perhaps large hospitals and new roads have a_________.

27. In many places, the g__________ has also built new schools and sent teachers from the cities to help.

28.Zhong Wei thinks such developments are good, and he also knows that his hometown cannot always s______ the same.

29.A________ to Zhong Wei, however, some things will never change.

“In my hometown, there was a big old tree o______ the school. It is still there and has become quite a s________ of the place.

30. Most of the children in my time liked to play t________ under that big tree, e______ during the summer holidays.

31.Our hometown has left many soft and sweet m_________ in our h_________.”

32.Many Chinese people these days leave their __________ to work in the cities.

33.They usually ____________ to their hometowns one or two times a year.

34.Zhong Wei hasn’t been back c_____ to three years.

35.He has been working in a _________ factory in Wenzhou for the past 13 years.

36.New buildings are often built by the g___________ .

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