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七年级英语下册《Unit10 I’d like some noodles Section B》课件 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit 10 I’d like some noodles.
Section B

Memory Game
Make a sentence: I’d like ... noodles. beef beef potato

beef potato cabbage
beef potato cabbage mutton beef potato cabbage mutton tomato beef potato cabbage mutton tomato fish

Do you know these

food and drinks?

Do you like to drink these things?

a glass of water

a bag of milk

a cup of tea

a bottle of juice

a tin of coke

a cup of coffee

What do you like ?

I like … , … and …
I don’t like …, …or ….


orange juice


green tea






potato chips




1a. Match the words with the pictures.
b meat 1.____ g dumplings 2. ____ a porridge 3. ____ h green tea 4. ____ 5. ____ c orange juice e soup 6. ____ i onions 7. ____ d fish 8. ____ f pancakes 9. ____

1b. Circle the things you like in 1a. Put an “X” next to the things you don’t li Then tell your partner what you like and don’t like.
I like dumplings, fish and orange juice.
I don’t like onions, green tea or porridge.

1c. Listen and complete the food order form.
ORDER FORM 15 North Street Address:___________________________ 398-2845 Telephone number:______________ Order: cabbage chicken Dishes:___________, fish,_____________ carrot Dumplings: 12 beef and _____________ Soup: one______________________ tomato soup green tea two Drinks: one large_______________ and________ small________ orange juices.

2b. Read the article about food traditions and complete the chart. Birthday Food Around the World
What would people like to eat on _______ their birthday? The answer would different in different countries. be _______ birthday cake In many countries, people have ______________ with candles. The number of candles is birthday person must make the person’s age. The _____________ out the candles. If he or she blows a wish and blow _______

out all the candles in one go, the wish will come _________. true In the UK, people sometimes put a candy in the birthday cake. The child with the candy is lucky. popular to have cake on China it is getting In ________, ______________ your birthday. But many people still eat very ____________________________. long noodles for their birthday They never cut up the noodles because the long noodles are a symbol of long life. In some places, Chinese people also eat eggs on their birthday. They are a symbol of life and ___________. good luck All of these birthday foods may be different, but the ideas are __________. the same They bring good luck to the birthday person.

Country Food UK


birthday cake Blowing out candle on a cake makes a wish come true. it is lucky to find a candy in a cake. long noodles, eggs Long noodles mean long life. Eggs mean life and good luck.


2c. Read the article again and answer the questions.
1. How can a person make his or her birthday wish come true? ___________________________________ He or she can blow out all of the birthday candles in one blow. ____________________

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