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一. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms.

1. There are many different kinds of in the sea. (fish)

2. They are having a ________ about which film to see. (discuss)

3. Can you tell me the _______ of the desk? (long)

4. When _____ (fish) by the river, I_______ (see) some boys playing football near the river.

5. He ______ cold, hungry and disappointed. (fell)

6. We have learnt some _____ rules at school and they are necessary.(safe)

7. Sun Li is one of the best ________ in China. (act)

二.Rewrite the sentences as required.

1. Liming suggests going to the Bund .Wanglin also suggests going to the Bund.(保持句意不变)

______ Liming and Wanglin ______going to the Bund.

2. They read the film guide together. (改为一般疑问句)

______ they _____ the film guide together? (划线部分提问)

______ _____ are you going to see?

4. My aunt needn’t go to work this weekend. (保持原句意思)

My aunt ______ ______ to work this weekend.

5. Autumn makes me think of apples. (划线部分提问)

______ ______ autumn make ____ think of?

6. Jack is not very clever. Jack is hard working. (合并一句)


7. Mary bought the new bike yesterday. (保持句意不变)

Mary has _____ the new bike since yesterday.

8. Mr Chang has visited the new museum with his wife. (改为一般疑问句) _______ Mr Chang _____ the new museum with his wife?

三. Read and choose the best answer.

( )1.—Will you please ______us a story, Miss Gao?

---OK. Shall I ____it in English or in Chinese?

A. tall, speak B. tell, speak C. talk, say D. tell, say

( ) 2. A : How long is the film? B: ________.

A. For 80 minutes B. Before 80 minutes C. At 8:00 D. In 80 minutes

( ) 3. Mike has gone to the playground. He _____ be in the classroom.

A. must B. can C. can’t D. mustn’t

( ) 4. We are lucky enough to have _______ information about this.

A. so much B. so many C. too much D. too many

( ) 5.______ can you get in the Cityside Shopping Center? Anything , I think.

A. When B. How C. Where D. What

( ) 6.Nowadays more and more young people like Which of the following is correct for the underlined word?

A./′fe??n/ B. /′fei?n/ C./′f?t?n/ D./′f??n/

( word?

A./′mi: di?m/ B./′midi?m/ C./′medi?m/ D./′mi: dim/

( ) 8. We’d better _____ a poster on the school board.

A. put up B. put on C. put away D. put off

( ) 9. Although our hut is old and small, it’s very comfortable. Which one is the underlined?

A./?u/ B./?/ C./?/ D./au/

( )10.Susan studies better than ______student in her class.

A. another B. the other C. other D. any other

( ) 11. I often hear a girl ______ in the morning.

A. sing B. singing C. is singing D. sings

( ) 12. –What do you think of this film? -- __________.

A.I like it B. not at all C. Good idea D. With pleasure

( ) 13. They keep the door _____, so I can’t see what they are doing.

A. closing B. closed C. close D. closes

( ) 14. I’ve lived in this town ______ I was born.

A. for B. because C. when D. since

( ) 15. Uncle Bird _____ a coach since twenty years ago.

A .became B. has become C. was D. has been

( ) 16. He’s never late for class, _____ he?

A. is B. has C. isn’t D. hasn’t

( ) 17.— Is there _____ else you want me to do?

--No, thanks. It’s so kind of you.

A. some things B. anything C. another D. the others

( ) 18. --What did you buy yesterday?

-- A ____ of sweets and some fruit.

A. pack B. piece C. parcel D. packet

( ) 19. –Where is Lisa?

-- He ____ to the Century Park just now.

A. goes B. went C. is going D. has gone

( ) 20. As a saying goes, ______is difficult if you put your heart into it.

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

( ) 21. It is over _____ from Shanghai to Nanjing.

A. three hours’ drive B. three hour’s drive

C. three hours’ drives D. three hours drive

( ) 22. Mum borrowed an interesting story book for _____ in the library yesterday.

A. her B. hers C. she D. herself

( ) 23. The clothes in this shop look very _____.

A. nice B. well C. beautifully D. fashion

( ) 24. The students _____ Shanghai Museum this coming Saturday.

A. visit B. visited C. is going to visit D. will visit


1. tour /tu?(r)/ n. 旅行;旅游

【联想】_________/′tu?rist/ n. 旅客,旅游者

2.pigeon /′pid?in/鸽子

【联想】___________ /d?v/ n. 鸽子(白鸽常作为和平的象征)

3.reason /′ri: zn/n. 原因;理由

【近义】 _________ /k?: z/ n. 原因;起因;缘故;理由

【联想】 _________ /′ri: zn?bl/ adj. 合理的;明智的

4.oriental /?: ri′entl/ adj. 东方的


【联想】__________ /′?: rient/ n. 东方

5.technology /tek′n?l?d?i/ n. 科技;工艺;工程技术

【联想】_____________ /tek′n?l?d?ist/ n. 技术员;工艺师;(工程技术)专家

6.view /vju:/ n. 景色;风景

【联想】_____________/′vju: ?(r)/ n. 电视观众

7.paradise /′p?r?dais/ n. 天堂

【近义】________ /′hevn/ n. 天堂

【反义】________ /hel/ n. 地狱

8.surprising /s?′praizi?/ adj. 令人惊奇的

【联想】_____________/s?′praiz/ v.使吃惊;

_____________/s?′praizd/ adj.感到惊讶的;

9.floating /′fl?uti?/ adj. 不固定的;浮动的

【联想】_____________ v. 漂浮;浮起

10.stupid /′stju: pid/ adj.愚蠢的;笨的

【近义】_____________/′fu: li?/adj.愚蠢的;鲁莽的

_____________/′sili/ adj. 傻的;愚蠢的

11.clown /klaun/ n.小丑

【近义】_____________/′d??uk?(r)/ n.小丑;滑稽角色

12.action /′?k?n/ n.动作

【联想】_____________ /?kt/v.行动

13.robber /′r?b?(r)/ n.盗贼

【近义】_____________/θi: f/ n.贼;小偷


14. hate /heit/ v. 讨厌;不喜欢

【提示】hate to do something=hate doing something 讨厌做某事

【近义】_______ /dis′laik/ v.不喜欢

【近义】_______ /laik/ v.喜欢 _______ /l?v/ v.爱;喜欢

15.princess /prin′ses/ n. 公主

【联想】__________/prins/ n. 王子

16.altogether /?: lt?′gee?(r)/ adv. 总共;一共

【近义】_______ 总共,全部

17.price /prais/ n. 价格

【联想】__________/′pre??s/ adj. 高价的;昂贵的;贵重的;宝贵的

18.bookshop /′buk??p/n. 书店

【近义】_______ /′bukst?(r)/ n. 书店

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