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unit7what's the highest mountain in the world sectionB 1a-3b

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Unit 7

What’s the highest mountain in the world?

1b. Listen and check (?) the numbers you hear.
? _____100 _____ 16 ? 20 _____

_____ 50
_____ ? 0.2

_____ 120
______ ? 150

_____ ? 0.1

1c. Listen again and complete the sentences.
1. At birth, a baby panda is about ______ 0.1 to _______ kilos. 0.2 15 cm 2. At birth, a baby panda is about _____ long. 3. A baby panda is not black. It is ________ pink teeth and it has no ________. 20 to ____ 30 years. 4. A panda can live up to ____

1d. Take turns telling your classmates about pandas.
A: A baby panda cannot see.

B: An adult panda weighs many times
more than a baby panda.

2a. Talk about pandas in your class. Use these words to help you




black and white




2b. Scan the article to find out what these numbers mean: 10,12, 200,2,000.
Scanning This means moving your eyes quickly down the page to find specific information.

It is 8:30 a.m. at the Chengdu Research Base. Lin Wei and the other panda keepers are preparing the milk for the baby pandas’ breakfast. At 9:00 a.m., they find that most of the babies are already awake and hungry. When the babies see the keepers, they run over with excitement and some of them even walk into their friends and fall over!

“They’re so cute and lovely. I take care of them like they’re my own babies. I wash, feed and play with them every day. They’re very special to me.”
Lin Wei loves her job, but it is a difficult one.

Pandas do not have many babies, maybe only one every two years. The babies often die from illnesses and do not live very long.

An education program in Chengdu teaches
children in cities about pandas and other endangered animals. They send people to schools to tell children about the importance of saving these animals. The children sing songs or make artwork about pandas and other wild animals. Teaching children is one way to help save pandas. The Chinese

government is also planting more bamboo trees so there will be more forests for pandas to live in. We all hope that in the future there will be a lot more pandas than now.

2c. Scan the article again and write short answers to the questions.
1.What is Lin Wei’s job?

He is responsible for taking care of the pandas, Including washing, feeding, playing with them. 2. What do the baby pandas eat for breakfast?
They drink milk for breakfast.

3. What do adult pandas eat?
They eat bamboo. 4. Why are pandas endangered? On one hand, the baby pandas don’t live long because of illnesses; On the other hand, pandas feed on bamboo, but humans cut down the bamboo forests. 5. What is one way of saving pandas? Teaching children the importance of saving pandas / Planting more bamboo trees.

2d. Complete the sentences using words and phrases from the passage.
keepers at the Chengdu 1. The panda __________
Research Base are awake very early in the

morning to _________ prepare breakfast for the

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