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Unit 8
Why don’t you get her a scarf ?

Unit7中,我们主要是学习了用 Would you mind doing…? 和Could you please do…?这两个结 构有礼貌的提出请求。 并学会用I’m sorry.I’ll do it right away.等表示歉意这两方面的学习 内容。

---Would you mind closing the door ? __Sorry, but I don’t think it is cold in the room . __Of course not./ Not at all.I will do it right away .

--- Would you mind…? --- No, not at all./ Certainly not./ Of course not. I’ll do it right away/in a minute.

Have a try

turn off the light

close the window

get out of the bathroom cook for me

--Would you mind not playing basketball here? --Sorry. I won’t do it again.

1)Would you mind (not) doing sth?

2)Could you please (not)do sth?

你能……吗? (Please do……)请…… .
For examples:
1)Would you mind finishing homework? 2)Could you please finish homework?

I、Fill in the blanks.(填空)
cleaning (clean) your room? Would you mind ______ clean (clean) your room ? Could you please____ clean _(clean) your room ? Why don’t you ____ clean _(clean) your room ? Why not ____ clean _(clean) your room ? Please ____

Ⅱ.Choose the best answer.
1.—Do you mind if I open the window? A —_____. A.No,of course not B.Thank you very much C.Yes,please D.I’ll be glad to B talk in class? 2.Would you please _____ A.don’t B.not C.not to D.won’t

3.He won’t telephone us until he _____ back. B A.come B.comes C.came D.will come 4.—May I smoke here? D —_____ A.Yes,please. B.Yes,you must. C.No,you may. D.I’m afraid not. 5.I don’t know _____ I can do for you. C A.who B.that C.what D.which

? What did you get your mother for Mother’s Day last Sunday ?

? It’s my mother’s birthday soon. ? What should I get my mom for her birthday ?

Section A
本部分围绕对礼物的建议与比较 展开,目标语言是:

Why don’t you /not get her…? What /How about…?
That’s a good idea. That’s too personal.

stuffed dog

CD watch

mobile phone

photo album


Make suggestions:
? How/What about + n./ v. ing ? ……怎么样? ? Why don’t you + v. 为什么不……呢 ? ? Why not + v. 为什么不……呢 ?

句式:Why don’t you…?


句式:Why not + v.

tennis ball

句式:Why don’t you…?


句式:Why not + v.


句式:Why don’t you…?


句式:Why not + v.


句式:Why don’t you + v.


Grammar (语法)
What should I get my sister ?

How/What about + n.? …怎么样?

Why don’t you + v. ? 为什么不…呢?
Why not + v. ? 为什么不…呢?

Ask:What should I do…?
Suggestion: Why don’t you do…? Why not do …? What about doing…? How about doing…? Comments: That’s a good idea. That’s too boring. That’s too per

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