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( )1. _____! Tom ______ in the room.

A. Listen; are reading B. Listen; is reading C. Listen to; is reading D. Listen to; reads ( )2. ____! The students ___ over there.

A. Look; are play football B. Look at; are playing football C. Look; are playing football D. Look at; are playing the football ( )3. —_________? —Yes, he is.

A. What’s he doing now B. Is he watching TV now C. How old is he D. Are they your friends ( )4. —Sam, come downstairs, please. I need your help.

—Sorry, mum. I ____ on the phone.

A. am talking B. talk C. talking D. talks ( )5. —_____ Alan using the computer? — No, he _____.

A. Is; is B. Does; doesn’t C. Is; isn’t D. Is; doesn’t

( )6. Please A. isn’t B. aren’t C. don’t be D. not be ( )7. They_________ at home last weekend.

A. stay B. stayed C. was stayed D. stays ( )8. —What about _______ a party? —Good idea.

A. have B. to have C. having D. has ( )9. ______ the weather like in Hangzhou? It’s cloudy.

A. How’s B. What C. How D. What’s ( )10. There ______ some milk in the glass.

A. is B. are C. has D. have ( )11. Would you like ______ soccer with us ?Sure. I like ______ soccer very much.

A. to play, playing B. playing, play C. to play, play D. playing, playing ( )12. I want a new house ______ a small garden.

A. of B. with C. have D. in ( )13. How about _________ music?

A. listen B. listen to C. listening D. listening to ( )14. My mother often cooks _______ for us .

A. something delicious B. delicious something C. anything delicious D. delicious anything

( )15. The Green family enjoy ________ TV very much .

A. watch B. watching C. watches D. to watch

( )16. Let’s _____ the movie on TV this evening.

A. seeing B. to see C. see D. sees

( )17. It’s very easy ______ you to sing this song.

A. to B. for C. of D. with

( )18. There is _______ milk in the glass, let's go buy some.

A. few B. a little C. a few D. little

( )19. Don’t play ____ basketball .Please play ______ guitar .

A. the, the B. the, / C. /, / D. /, the

( )20. There , in the basket, _______ some meat and some bananas.

A. have B. has C. are D. is

( )21. —Could you go to the bookshop with me? — _____ . I just want to buy some books.

A. Sorry, I’m busy B. Of course not C. With pleasure D. I’m afraid not ( )22. They ______ _______ great fun playing in the water.

A. didn’t have B. have not C. doesn’t have D. has not

( )23. — What language _____ Mr. Smith ________? — Mr. Smith speaks Japanese. A. does; speak B. does; speaking C. is; speaking D. does; speaks ( )24. —_________ you play the guitar _________the trumpet? — I can play the guitar. A. Can; and B. Can; or C. Do; and D. Do; or ( )25. —______ _______ does Jack often get up? — He often gets up at six.

A. What size B. What language C. What time D. How many 二、阅读理解(1*15题=15分)



My cousin Bill likes going to the beach on Sunday. Last Sunday it was sunny, he went there with his brother. They got there at 9:00.There were lots of people there on vacation. Bill and his brother sat down and began to relax.

Soon Bill found there were lots of empty(空的) water bottles on the beach. He also saw some paper bags on the beach. That made Bill sad. He and his brother began to work. To clean the beach, they worked hard. About two hours “No Littering(乱扔)” on the beach. They wanted people to keep the beach clean. After that, they were very hungry. So they went to a restaurant nearby to have lunch. They had two large bowls of beef noodles there, and then went home. ( A. rainy B. cloudy C. sunny D. cold ( )2. Bill saw many on the beach.

A. money B. bottles C. books D. signs ( )3. Bill and his brother spent about cleaning the beach. A. one hour B. two ours C. three hours D. four hours ( )4. The underlined phrases “put up” means “ in Chinese. A.推荐 B. 提供 C. 提出 D. 贴出 ( )5. Which of the following is TRUE(真的)?

A. Bill is very lazy B. Bill stayed on the beach all day.

C. The restaurant is near the beach. D. Bill’s brother had a small bowl of noodles for lunch.

B 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)

Old Henry lived on a clean street in Green City Every weekend, Alan and his friends played soccer in the street. The children were too noisy (吵闹的)for the old man to have a good rest.

One day, Old Henry told the children that he would give them 10 dollars each weekend to watch them play soccer in the street. He said, “I am so glad when seeing you play soccer happily”. Alan and his friends were surprised to hear Old Henry’s words.

The first weekend after that, the boys went to play soccer near the old man’s house, and went always happily with 10 dollars. The second weekend they also got 10 dollars. The third weekend, Old Henry said he spent his money on his grandson’s school things. So he only gave the children 4 dollars. The next weekend, Old Henry said he had a cold and he spent his money on medicine(药). He only gave them I dollar. After that, Alan and his friends didn’t play soccer in that street any more.

( ) 6. Alan likes playing soccer.

( ) 7. Alan and his friends cleaned the street every weekend. ( ) 8. Old Henry’s grandson is a student.

( ) 9. Old Henry gave 26 dollars in all (总共) to the children.

( ) 10. In fact, Old Henry didn’t want the children to play soccer near his house.


Do you like watching TV game shows? Would you like to take part in them? What do you think of them? A popular TV show might have 70, 000, 000 TV viewers. TV can make anything or anyone well-known overnight. That’s why over 100, 000 women and girls, aged 4~89, took part in Hunan TV’s 2005 “Super Girl”show. “Super Girl” is so (投票)for their favorite girl on the show through SMS(short message service). The young will do anything to have a show on TV. For the show, many girls stop their classes. “They hope they can become super stars some day. But the real way to success is to learn more and work hard,” said Liu Ming, a professor of a university. ( ) 11.This article is probably from ______.

A. a storybook B. a textbook C. a newspaper D. a novel ( ) 12.People are interested in a TV game show because ______.

A. it can make a person world-famous overnight B. it can make people get lots of knowledge C. people have nothing else to do

D. everyone wants to be the host of the show

( )13.What’s the meaning of the underlined word “viewers” in Chinese?

A.参与者 B.观众 C.演员 D.歌手 ( ) 14. The oldest singer in “Super Girl” is ______ years old.

A. ninety-eight B. seventy C. four D. eighty-nine ( ) 15. Why do many girls take part in the show?

A. Because they don’t like go to school. B. Because the subjects in school are so boring. C. Because they want to be super stars. D. Because they want to make money


1. The little boy__________(eat) a big apple now.

2. __________ (Look)! Dave and Mary _____________(dance). 3. She ___________(not do) her homework. She's reading. 4. They’re __________ (use) the computer. 5. My father _____________ (water) the flower now. 6. I _______________ (read) Chinese last night. 7. Listen! The girls _______________ (sing) in the room. 8. Can she ______________ (draw) the picture well?

9. ---__________he often __________(watch)TV?---No, he doesn't. 10. Mr. Black usually __________(have) breakfast at 7:00 in the morning.

11. Lily likes __________very much. She ______very well. She can _______ many English songs.(sing) . 12. My brother__________(take) a shower now. 13. __________Bob __________(swim)now?

14. --- What __________the children ___________?(do) ---They are reading. 15. --- What is Mike doing?- --He__________(run).


1. 吹灭____________ 2. get a surprise ___________ 3. by subway ________________

4. 有点儿__________ 5. visit a museum _____________ 6. run away __________________ 7. between the fire station and the library ____________________ 8. 去划船 __________________ 9. 在医院对面_________________________________________ 10. 洗盘子 _________________ 五、句型转换(1*10题=10分)

(对划线部分提问) _________ is Mr. Green ___________ ? 2. We’(对划线部分提问) ________ _________ you __________ to? (用now改写句子) Sam __________ _________ his house now. 4. The boys are having an English class.(改为否定句) The boys _________ ___________ an English class. (对划线部分提问)__________ _________ the girls _____________? 6. He doesn’(用last night替换)He ________ _________ homework ________. 7. He usually takes a taxi to work.(改为同义句)He usually ________ to work _______ _______. 8. Amy usually reads English books in the morning.(改为一般疑问句) ________ Amy usually _________ English books in the morning? 9. I’d like to play chess this afternoon. (改为一般疑问句)

_________ you _________ _________ ________ chess this afternoon? 10. How do you like the soap opera? (改为同义句)

________ do you _________ __________ the soap operas? 六、阅读表达(1*15题=15分)


It was very cold. It snowed heavily and blew very strongly. It was not a good night to go out. But David had to walk home from work “I can be warmer,” he thought, “I wear my coat backwards① .”He took off his coat and put it on backwards. “That’s much better.”He thought and walked on. About ten minutes later a car hit him. The driver stopped his car and got out of it. He ran to help David. Soon a police car arrived. The policeman ran to look at David. “I’m afraid he’s dead.”The policeman told the driver. The driver could not believe it.“He can’t be dead.”He cried,“I did not touch him. Look at my car. There is not a mark②on it.” “He’s dead.”The policeman said again. “I don’t understand it.”The driver said,“As soon as I hit him. I ran to help him. He was lying on the road, but he was breathing and there was no blood③.” “Did you touch him?”The policeman asked. “Yes,”The driver said,“but I only turn his head around the right way.

Notes: 1. backwards adv.反方向地 2. mark n.印记 3. blood n.

血 Read the passage and answer the following questions.(阅读短文,回答问题。)

1. Why was David walking in such bad weather?

______________________________________________________________________________. 2. How did David make himself warmer?

______________________________________________________________________________. 3. Did the driver run to help David?

______________________________________________________________________________. 4. What did the policeman say again?

______________________________________________________________________________. 5. Who killed David?



Mr. Turner is standing near the window. His wife, Mrs. Turner, is sitting behind him. She is reading a book. She closes the book and asks her husband. “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at a boy.” Mr. Turner answers. “He’s under the tree near our house. He’s looking at my bike.” “Oh.” Mrs. Turner says, “What is he doing now?”

“He’s cleaning the seat.” Says Mr. Turner. “Now he is riding my bike.”

Mrs. Turner looks out of the window and then she says: “Ah, don’t you know who he is? He is our son! He is going to school. You must wear glasses!”

6.Where are Mr. and Mrs. Turner? ___________________________________ 7. Is Mrs. Turner sitting or standing? ___________________________________ 8. What’s Mr. Turner looking at? ___________________________________ 9. Where’s Mr. Turner’s bike? ___________________________________

10. Why is the boy riding the bike? ___________________________________



Hello, everyone! It’s nine o’clock. Welcome to GMTV’s Music & Stories Show. I’m the host, Wang Chunxue. We all know that music plays an important(重要的) part in everyone’children would like others to sing to them. When they are a little older, they like to sing the songs they have heard. After children go to school, their world of music grows (扩大). In the middle grades students take music lessons. When they go to high schools, they are interested in pop music.

Well, in today’s program, we’ll listen to the People’s Musician, Xian Xinghai’s songs. Do you know Xian Xinghai? He’s from Macao, China. He brought western and Chinese music together. He’s famous (出名的)for the song The yellow River. He wrote this song in 1939 in only six days. OK, let’s listen to the wonderful song The Yellow River. 任务一:翻译句子。

11. 将文中划线部分翻译成汉语。_____________________________________________________________ 任务二:选择填空。

( )12. What does Wang Chunxue do?

A. A musician. B. A host. C. A writer. D. A teacher. 任务三:回答问题。

13. What’s the time now ? ____________________________________________________________ 14. What are the students interested in when they go to high schools?

__________________________________________________________________________________ 15. How long did Xian Xinghai spend in writing the song The Yellow River?

___________________________________________________________________________________ 七、单词拼写(0.5*20空=10分)

1. Look! My mother is cleaning her ____________.(房子) 2. My father is drinking _________.(茶) 3. I’m ___________ (只是)washing my clothes. 4. They often go to the ___________(电影)on Sunday. 5. Do you want to go ______________(明天)? 6. Does your father like to read ____________ (报纸)? 7. It is r____________ outside. Take an umbrella with you. 8. My uncle w___________ shopping yesterday. 9. She has long hair and is of medium b _________. 10. We need some m__________ to buy a computer 11.—Can you s_______ this word? —Yes, C-A-T. 12. My father and my mother are my p_________. 13. My aunt is a doctor, and she works in the People's H_________. 14. F_________ comes after Thursday. 15. Jim b__________ a new book from the bookshop yesterday. 16. She has great fun s________ in the river. 17. I'm very h_________, can you get me something to eat? 18. He is a very strong policeman and c_________ are afraid of him.

19. Please look at the two pictures. Can you find three ___________(字典)? 20. We had a great lunch at the restaurant. The food was d___________


今天天气晴朗,你现在在人民公园(the People’s Park)。有很多人在这里度假:有的正在照相,有的正在踢足球,有的正在散步,每个人都很开心。你来自澳大利亚的朋友Lucy也在这里,她的信息如下表,她正在练习中文。写一短文对比情况进行介绍,80词左右。


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