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Many students in China are learning English. Some of these students are small

children. Others are teenagers(十几岁的青少年). Many are adults. Some learn at school, others study by themselves. A few learn English language (语言)over the radio, on television, or in films. One must work hard to learn another language.Why do all these people want to learn English? It is difficult to answer that question. Many boys and girls learn English at school because it is one of their subjects. They study their own language and maths and English ... Some people learn English because it is useful for their work. Many people often learn English for their higher sutdies, because at college or university(大学) some of their books are in English. Other people learn English because they want to read newspaper and magazines in English.

( )21. Many students in China are learning English, aren't they? ____.

A. No, they aren't B. No, they are

C. Yes, they are D. Yes, they aren't

( )22. If one wants to learn another language well, he must ____.

A. learn at school B. study by himself

C. work hard D. study hard

( )23. The sentence "It is difficult to answer that question" means ____.

A. that question is not difficult to answer

B. that question is difficult to answer it

C. it is difficultly to answer that question

D. it is hard to answer that question

( )24. "Their own language" means ____.

A. Chinese B. English C. French D. Japanese

( )25. What's the Chinese of "study by themselves"?

A. 和他们一起学习 B. 自学

C. 向他们学习 D. 通过学习


Once upon a time, there lived a rich man. He had a servant (仆人). He and the servant loved wine and good food very much. Each time the rich man left his home, the servant would drink the wine and eat up all the nice food in the house. The rich man knew what his servant did, but he had never caught his servant doing that.

One morning, when he left home, he said to the servant, “Here are two bottles of poison (毒药) and some nice food in the house. You must take of them.” With these words, he went out.

But the servant knew that the rich man had said was untrue. After the rich man was away from his home, he enjoyed a nice meal. Because he drank too much, he was drunk and fell to the ground. When the rich man came back, he couldn’t find his food and his wine. He became very angry. He woke the servant up. But the servant told his story very well. He said a cat had eaten up everything. He was afraid to be punished(惩罚), so he drank the poison to kill himself.

( )26.In the story, _______ liked wine and good food very much.

A. the rich man B. the servant C. both A and B D. neither A and B

( )27.The rich man knew that it was _______ that drank the wine and ate up all the nice food.

A. the cat B. himself C. nobody D. the servant

( )28.The rich told the servant that there was poison in the two bottles, because ________.

A. there was in fact poison in the bottles

B. did not want the servant to drink his wine

C. he wanted to kill the cat

D. he wanted to kill the servant

( )29.In fact, _______ ate all the nice food and drank the wine.

A. the servant B. cat C. the rich man D. nobody

( )30.From the story, we know that the servant is very _______.

A. lazy B. bad C. clever D. kind


Everyone likes living in a clean and comfortant environment. If the envionment(环境) are bad, it will affect(影响)our body, and make us not feel well. Sometimes we may be terribly ill. At that time we don’t want to work, and we have to stay in bed and rest at home. So the envrionment is very important to us.

It’s germs that makes us ill. There are germs everywhere, They are very small and you can’t find them with your own eyes, but you can see them with a microscope(显微镜)They are very small and there may be hundreds of them on a very small thing, Germs can always be found in dirty water. When we look at dirty water under the microscope, we shall see them in it. Germs can also be found in air and dust(灰尘). If you cut your finger, some of the dust from the floor may go into it, and you will have much pain in it. Sometimes the germs will go into all of your boby, and you will have pain everywhere.

To keep us healthy, we should try to our best to make our environment become cleaner and tidier. This needs us to act together.

31.The writer tell us that________.

A. we like working when we are ill

B. germs can’t live in the water.

C. we can’t feel ill if the environment is bad.

D. we feel well when the environment is good.

32.Germs are________.

A. very small things that you can’t see with your eyes.

B. the things that don’t effect people.

C. the things that you can find with your eyes.

D. the things that are very big.

33. Where can germs be found? They can be found_________.

A. on the small thing B. in air and dust

C. only in dirty water D. everywhere

34.How will you feel if germs go into the finger that is cut?

A. I will feel nothing. B. I won’t mind.

C. I will feel tense. D. I will feel painful.

35. From the passage we know that________.

A. environment doesn’t affect our life

B. we don’t need to improve our environment

C. germs may make us ill

D. if the environment is better, germs will be more.


If you go into the forest with friends, stay with them .If you don’t, you may get lost. If you do get lost, this is what you should do.

Sit down and stay where you are. Don’t try to find your friends. Let them find you. You can help them to find you by stay in one place.

There is anther way to help your friends or other people to find you. Give them a signal(信号)outing or whistling (吹口哨) three times. Stop. Then shout or whistle three times again. Any signal given three times is a call for help.

Keep on shouting or whistling, always three times togher. When people hear you, they will give two shouts or two whistles. When a signal is given twice, it is an answer to a call for help.

If you don’t think that you will get help before night comes, try to make a small room with branches.(树枝)

What should you do if you get hungry or need drinking water ? You would have to leave your little branch room to look for something to eat and drink. Don’t just walk away. Pick up small brunches and drop them as you walk so that you can find your way back.

The most important thing to do when you are lost ---stay in one place.


( )36.If you get lost in the forest, you should walk everywhere to find your friends as soon as possible.(尽快)

( )37.You can keep on shouting or whistling always three times toghether for help.

( )38.When you hear two shouts or whistles, you know that people will come to help you.

( )39.You can’t go anywhere even when you feel thirsty(口渴的) or hungry.

( )40.You can find your way back to your branch room easily without leaving any branches as you walk.

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