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The statements below are 2c false. Use information from the article to correct them.
1. Most people in Singapore only speak English. both English and Chinese 2. It is not easy to get many different kinds of good food in Singapore. very

3. It’s better to see lions and tigers

during the daytime because they will
probably be awake. at night 4. It’s best to visit Singapore in the autumn. whenever you like

2d Fill in the conversation about
Singapore using the information form the article. A: I am going to Singapore next week. _____ Have you ever been ____ there before? B: Yes, I’ve ____ been to Singapore many times. SoutheastAsia. It’s my favorite country in ________ speak there? A: What languages do people _____ B: Mostly Chinese and _______. English

A: What about the food? Is it good? B: It’s excellent! _____ Have you ever tried Indian food? Indian food is really good in Singapore. A: I see. Have you ____ ever heard of the Night Safari? Someone told me to go there. B: Yes! I ____ have been to the Night Safari. It was really exciting to ___ see the animals in the dark. A: And it is always _____ warm in Singapore? year round! It’s always summer there! B: All ____

What do you know about Singapore? language
position population

food zoo weather

position: Where is Singapore?

position: in Southeast Asia

Population More than three quarters of the population are Chinese. Language Chinese and English. Food A lot of food from China, such as rice, noodles and dumplings. Indian food, western food and Japanese food.

Zoo Singapore has a special zoo called the “Night Safari”. A lot of animal only wake up at night, so this is the best time to watch them.
Weather The temperature is almost the same all year round.

Make a list of facts about your 3a hometown or a place you have been to. Think about these topics.
Size and location: ________________ Population: _____________________ Weather: _______________________ History: ________________________ Places to visit: ___________________ Things to eat: ___________________

Write an article to advertise your 3b hometown or a place you have been to.

Have you ever tried/seen/been…?
If you…, you will/can…

You should…
One great thing about …is…

1 Think about the things below and write an answer for each one. 1. One thing that you have collected before: _________________________________ 2. One invention that you have found to be very useful: _________________________________

3. One unbelievable or unusual thing that you’ve seen or heard recently: _________________________________ 4. One way that you’ve used to encourage a friend in the past: _________________________________ 5. One peaceful and quiet place that you’ve been to recently: ________________________________


Complete the conversation.

A: Hey, John. ______ What are you doing this weekend? B: Not much, Mark. I don’t really have any plans yet. A: ______ Have you ever been to the spa

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