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Unit-9Section B 七下新目标

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Section B

is tall/short/ of medium

It it….? Yes, it is My best friend is thin/heavy/of medium


No, it isn’t

wears/ doesn’t wear glasses

A friend in need is a friend indeed! 患难见真情! Don’t judge others by appearance! 不要以貌取人!










1a Match the description words with the pictures.
1. a big nose ____ bd 2. blonde hair ____ a 3. a small mouth __ c 4. glasses __ b c 5. a round face __ 6. big eyes __ a 7. black hair ____ c d a b 8. a long face ____

1b Make sentences about famous people. Fill in the blanks. 1. Jackie Chan has black hair. 2. _______ has a round face. A Sa 3. ____________ Zhou Bichang wears glasses.

4. Marilyn ______________ Monroe has blonde hair. 5. Zhao ________ Wei has big eyes. 6. ________ Li Yong has a long face.

1c 1d Listen and write Johnny Dean’s and Tina Brown’s jobs in the chart and what they look like.
Johnny Dean Job singer
thin has curly hair funny glasses

Tina Brown actress
of medium height has long blonde hair beautiful

Looks like really tall and

1e Describe what your favorite singer or athletic looks like.
My favorite singer is Deng ziqi. She is of medium height and build. She has long, curly and pink hair.She has a round face. She is really nice.

My favorite singer is Wang Feng.
He’s of medium height. He’s a little

heavy. He has long curly hair. He
wears glasses. He’s really cool.

My favorite singer is Mo Wenwei.

She’s tall and thin. She has curly and
long hair.She has a long face. She is really beautiful.

My favorite athlete is Sun Yang.He is a

swimming star. He’s tall and a little
heavy. He has small eyes .He has short

and black hair.

2a Complete the chart with words of the
opposite meaning.(反义词) young heavy old thin short long

short curly






Can you describe these three persons?

1.What does Joe Brown do?/

What’s his job?
2. Is his job sometimes difficult?

Read the first paragraph and answer these questions.

1. What kind of the picture does Joe draw?
He draw pictures of the criminal. 2. How do the police find the criminal?

The police put it in newspapers and on television to find him

Can you find out what these words refer to?
1. He is a police artist. He refer to?
Joe Brown 2. The police put it in newspapers? It refer to? The picture of the criminal. 3. The police put it on television to find him. Him refer to? The criminal.

Read the second paragraph and answer these questions.

Is his work easy or difficult? Why?
Sometimes it’s difficult. Because many people don’t always see things the same way so they may describe the same person differently. Also, they don’t always remember well.

Read the second paragraph and answer these questions.
1. This job is sometimes difficult.This refer to?
Drawing a picture of the criminal. 2. They don’t always remember well?They refer to? Many peopl

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