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Unit 2 Here are some ways to welcome them.

Words and expressions

finger foot knee leg mouth body foreign North American

n. 手指 n. (pl. feet) 脚,足 n. 膝盖 n. 腿 n. 嘴,口 n. 身体,躯干 adj. 外国的 北美人

personal adj. 个人的 arm n. 臂;手臂 arm in arm 臂挽臂地 South American 南美人 hold v. (held) 握着;使不动 move v. 移动 Britain 不列颠;英国

not at all polite somewhere wave fact in fact rude

一点也不 adj. 礼貌的 adv. 某处;某个地方 v. 挥(手);招(手);摆(手) n. 事实;细节 事实上 adj. 粗鲁的;无礼的

?To learn the key words and useful phrases in this passage ?To know the different body language in different countries

Words: finger, foot, knee, mouth foreign, body, personal, leg polite, somewhere, hold, move, rude Phrases: arm in arm, move away not at all, in fact, close to Patterns: Here are some ways to welcome them. How about touching people?

1 Match the words with the parts of the body. finger eye mouth




2 Firstly, listen to the passage.

Then, read the passage and answer the questions.

1. Is body language the same in different countries? No, it isn’t the same. 2. Is it all right to stand close to people in the Middle East? Yes, it is all right to stand close to people in the Middle East.

3. Do the British like touching people? No, they don’t. 4. Do Americans look at people when they talk? Yes, they do. 5. Do people in Greece wave goodbye? No, they don’t. It’s not polite.

3 Check ( ) the body language you can use in different countries and places.
Stand close Britain Middle East South America US Touch each other Look at people when talking

4 Complete the passage with the words from the box. Britain, fact, foreign, hold, move personal, polite, rude, someone, wave Lingling: People from (1) ________ foreign countries have different body language from us. In (2) Britain people don’t like to ________

touch other people, but in South America they like to (3) _______ hold on to you so you can’t (4) move _______ away. Remember to give (5) __________ from North America someone lots of (6) _________ space. In some personal countries it polite isn’t (7) _______ to look at people when you talk. And it isn’ t polite wave to (8) ______ goodbye in Greece. fact In (9) _______, it’ s quite (10) _______! rude

课时重点回顾 全世界 肢体语言 中东 私人空间 臂挽臂地 移开/移走 一点也不 around the world body language the Middle East personal space arm in arm move away not at all

Language points

1. Chinese girls often walk arm in arm with their friends. 中国女孩子行走时经常和她们的朋友臂挽 臂。 arm in arm 臂挽臂地 The two girls are good friends. They like to walk arm in arm. 拓展: hand in hand 手挽手 shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩 face to face 面对面

2. South Americans sometimes hold your arm when they talk to you… 南美人有时在和你

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