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Vienna is the centre of European classical music

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Guess what kind of music do they stand for(代表)?



Beijing opera






Classical music

Enjoy a video and guess which city it is

Unit 2 Vienna is the centre of European classical music.

What do you know about Vienna?

Austria 奥地利 capital 首都
Which country is Vienna in? Austria . It is in _______ capital of Austria. Vienna is the ______

the river Danube

in the centre of… 在……的中心
on Vennia is a beautiful old city ____ the River Danube. 坐落于河畔之上 in the centre And it is __________________ Europe. of

the centre of…


the centre of It is _______________ European classical music.


musician 乐手,音乐家 n.

In eighteenth century many musicians came to study and __________ work in Vienna.

[j??ha:n] Johann Strauss

composer 作曲家

the father the elder /'eld?/ 年长者

Both of them wrote music. composers . They were __________

the son the younger 年纪较小者

He wrote and played music for a walts kind of traditional dance--- the ________, music. a knd of dance _____________.

What did he do ?

/w?:lts/ Waltz 华尔兹舞(曲) dance music 舞曲

what did he write in 1867? In 1867 he wrote Blue Danube waltz. the___________________
Johann Strauss-the younger

Before he was six, he played not only violin piano but also the________. the_______

[?k ?ns?t] Concert 音乐会

give a concert 举行音乐会

What did he do in Europe? He gave concerts.

piece/pi:s/作品 n.

a piece of music 一支乐曲

How many pieces of music did he write?
pieces He wrote hundreds of wonderful________ of music.

/mju:'zI??n/ /'sent?/ /ju?r?'pi:?n/ /'kl? sIk?l/ /'sent?uri/ /k?m'p?uz?/

乐手 n. 中心 n. 欧洲的 adj. 经典的;古典的 adj. 世纪 n. 作曲家 n.

musician centre European classical century composer

/'eld?/ /w?:lts/ /?'n?e?/


elder 华尔兹舞 (曲) waltz dance music 舞曲 又一个;再一个 pron. another piece 作品 n. poor 贫穷的 adj.
年长的 adj. 完美的 adj.



Read the passage and check the true
sentences. 1. Many musicians came to study and work in Vienna. 2. Strauss the younger played the Mozart piano, the violin and the drums at the age of six.

3. Mozart’s family took him around
Europe. 4. The father, Johann Strauss, died in Mozart 1791. 5. Mozart wrote The Blue Danube.
Johann Strauss-the younger

Answer the questions. 1. Where is Vienna? It is in the centre of Europe. 2. What music did Johann Strauss the elder write? He wrote music for traditional dances, called the waltz.

3. How many waltzes did Johann Strauss the younger write? He wrote over 150 waltzes. 4. When was Mozart born? He was born in 1756. 5. How old was Mozart when he died? He was 35.

4 Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box.
another elder European perfect

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