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单词拼写(S s )

1. Many people are s______ over Michael Jackson’s death.

2. It’s not s______ to swim in this river by yourself.

3. I want to s______ all over the world someday.

4. Come and buy your clothes at Zig Zag’s great s______.

5. Too much s______ is not good for our health.

6. Jenny dresses just the s______ as his mother did.

7. The s______ on the beach is white and clean.

8. Why don’t you take some s______ for lunch?

9. The girl s________ her mother by cleaning up her own bedroom.

10. Mother’s Day is on the second S________ of May.

11. This old man s______ three children from the big fire.

12. In England there is a s______: It’s the thought that counts.

13. In China, children begin s______ at the age of six.

14. Now many restaurant owners have learned some s__________ ways to run their

restaurants better.

15. We won by a s______ of 2—0 in the basketball match.

16. Excuse me. Are there enough s______ for all of us?

17. February is the s______ month of the year.

18. The s______ of his success was hard work.

19. As we know, Pan Jiwen is the eighth S_______-General of the United Nations.

20. He went to the station to s______ his friends off.

21. The green leaves s______ more beautiful after the rain.

22. I’ve s______ seen such a big apple.

23. This old woman will s______ this drawing for 15,000 dollars.

24. Please s______ your family my best wishes.

25. Could you rewrite these s________ in easier words for the children?

26. Most schools begin in S________.

27. The little boy was s______ about his future when he said that.

28. When I sat at the table in the restaurant, the waiter s______ me a cup of tea.

29. The s______ in the hotel is great.

30. He s______ about his homework right after supper.

31. I usually go to school at s______ o’clock.

32. I’ve been there s________ times.

33. Everybody has a right to pursue happiness, without distinction of race, age or s______.

34. We are supposed to s______ hands when we meet each other for the first time in China.

35. I s______ never forget so many memories of this trip.

36. The boy s______ his toy with other children.

37. More than a thousand s______ are kept on the farm.

38. Please put the books on the top s______.

39. Her face was s________ with joy.

40. She got off the s______ and looked for her family.

41. For boys, we have s______ in red, green and white for only $8.

42. Please take off your s____--here and put on the slippers.

43. He s______ at a wild duck, but missed it.

44. She was s______ for a new umbrella.

45. Since it gets warm, Nights are getting s______ and days are getting longer.

46. My teacher said I s______ study harder.

47. He was carrying his son on his s________.

48. I heard someone s________ my name.

49. The guests were s______ into the drawing room.

50. I was caught in a s______ while I was jogging.

51. She quickly s______ the kitten into a basket.

52. The girl was not at all s______ with boys.

53. I’m s______ of his long, empty speeches.

54. The garage is at the s______ of the house.

55. Can’t you read that “No Smoking” s______?

56. There was a short s______ before the applause started.

57. Hangzhou is famous for its s______.

58. She has known that It’s s______ of her to spend so much money on clothes.

59. The job looks s______, but it takes me a week.

60. He has been at his mother’s bedside s______ she became ill.

61. She was s______ quietly to her4 sick child.

62. May I help you, s______?

63. Do you have any s______?

64. I s______ up late last night listening to the radio.

65. Four and s______ is ten.

66. Will you show me smaller s______ in this style?

67. I want to go s________.

68. Skiing requires s______ as well as strength.

69. She was wearing a red s_______.

70. A red balloon is floating high up in the s______.

71. You will feel better after a good night’s s______.

72. My watch is two minutes s______.

73. The hat is so s______ that I can’t wear it.

74. The dolphin is a s________ animal .

75. She said she s_______ something burnt.

76. The popular singer gave her fans a friendly s_______.

77. Look at the sign on the wall. You can’t s______ in the room.

78. Look at the kind of silk. How s______ it feels.

79. Of all the animals, most women are afraid of s_____.

80. In winter, the roads are often covered with white s________. and the drivers have to drive

very carefully.

81. The boy is s____ clever that he often creates new things.

82. Mothers often use s_____ to wash the dirty clothes.

83. The s_____ music sounds very pleasing to the ear.

84. Listen! S_____ is knocking at the door. Who is it?

85. Mr Green had s______ important to tell me but he forgot.

86. Our science teacher is vey serious, but s_______ he tells some funny stories.

87. It seems to me I have met this strange person s______.

88. She has two daughters but no s______.

89. The girl likes singing very much and she often sings some popular s_____.

90. She didn’t finish her homework as s_____ as she had expected.

91. I’m s_____ to have kept you waiting so long.

92. S______ travels at 340 meters per second in air.

93. Mom is good at cooking tomato s_____. It tastes delicious.

94. Hainan Island where the weather is very comfortable lies in the s_____ part of China.

95. In September, 2008, all of Chinese were proud of Zhai Zhigang who walked successfully

in outer s_____.

96. These children often do something interesting that they like doing in their s______ time.

97. It was the first time that I s_____ in public.

98. Is there anything s_______ in today’s newspapers?

99. My friend told me he couldn’t come over to my party because he was busy preparing for a

meeting s______.

100. The train is traveling at a s______ of sixty miles an hour.

101. John is such a careful student that he hardly never makes s______ mistakes.

102. The kind man s_______ his whole life in looking after the poor.

103. Skating is one of the most popular winter s_______.

104. If Winter comes, can S____ be far behind?

105. Many primary students like running up and down the s_____ when they have a break. 106. Before people put their letters into the mail boxes, they should make sure they put

s______ on the envelopes(信封) at first.

107. The old man s______ up from the chair and then left without saying a word. 108. The sun is a s______, and the earth is one of its planets.

109. It’s said that his grandpa’s bad illness s_____ with a slight cough.

110. A new train s______ is being built in the east of Hangzhou City.

111. Every year people s______ up till after midnight to see the New Year in.

112. The s_____ could now be heard more clearly.

113. It’s impolite to s_____ your chopsticks into your food.

114. He was s_____ working when I saw him.

115. Going to school without breakfast is bad for students’ s______.

116. One finger cannot lift a s____ .

117. Although the workers were very tired, they still couldn’t s____ working.

118. Little kids always like listening to interesting s________.

119. How can you have so many s_____ ideas?

120. A road in the city is called a s_______.

121. Students who don’t obey school rules need s______ teachers.

122. As students, we should believe s_______ in ourselves.

123. The number of s_______ in our school is more than that in your school.

how the machine works. not to follow your advice, finally they failed.

126. Look at the audiences’ .

a beautiful lake.

remembered that I hadn’t locked the door.

from a strange headache for many years.

130. Cindy didn’t like the bitter tea, so she in her tea.

131. The look on the teacher’ that she wasn’t satisfied with my answer. 132. Are you going to work? You’

camp and made a lot of friends.

is the first day of a week.

two hours ago and now it is raining.

139. My sister’party. taste.

every day in summer.

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