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新八年级下册Unit7 What

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新八年级下册Unit7 What’s the highest mountain in the world ?知识点及练习题 1, any other 表“任何其他的”

Shanghai is bigger than any other city in China .

=Shanghai is bigger than the other cities in China

2, be …in size

3, five miters long 长, 宽 高

4, a lot

5, population

表示人口多或少要用问某地的人口数量有多少时 用what

表示某地有多少人口 the population of +某地+be +数词

6, how long

7, amazing

8, southwestern

9, include included including

10, risk one’s life to do sth /risk one’s life in doing sth

11, in the face of

12, achieve

13, many times 很多倍

主语+数次+times +as +形容词+as +被比较的内容

14, at birth

15, prepare …for ….

16, awake

17, run over sb 撞倒

18, fall over 跌倒

19, illness

die of 因

21, less

22, another

23, there be

24, 比较级+and +比较级 表示:

25, succeed in doing sth


1, ( ) is the population of the city ?

A; What B; How much C; How many D; How long

2, ( ) Work hard and I’m sure you can succeed the report by six clock . A; finish B; to finish C; finishing D to finishing

3, ( ) Do his pets the cat? Yes . He has three pet cats this one . A; include; include B; include ; including

C; including ; including D; including ‘ include

4, ( ) Which do you like , basketball or football /

A; good B; better C; best D; well

5, ( ) He jumps father than in his class .

A; any other boys B the other boys C any boy D; another boy 6, ( ) China is larger than in Africa .

A; the other countries B; any country C; any other country

7,( ) I am good at math , but his English is than mine .

A; much better B; more better C; very better

8 , ( ) have you been married ? ---For two years .

A; How far B; How often C; How long D; How soon

9, ( ) Everyone was when they heard the news

A; exciting ; exciting B; excited ; exciting C; exciting ; excited

10, ( ) Do you know that Mr Smith died illness ?

A; of B with C from

11, ( ) I spent 5 yuan this book .

In B to buy C buying D; buy

12, ( ) I don’t like this bike , show me

A; the other one B ; another one C; others one

13,( ) There basketball game in our school this evening .

A; is going to have B; will have C; will is D; will be

14, ( ) The girl is becoming

A; beautiful and beautiful B; the more beautiful

C; more beautiful and beautiful D; more and more beautiful

15,( ) He has two sisters . One is a doctor , is a teacher .

A; other B; another C; the other

16,( ) Tom is of the two .

A; taller B the taller C the tallest

17, ( ) No one can without any hard work .

A success B; succeed C; successful D; successfully

18, ( ) The world’s population is growing , and there is land and water for

growing rice

A; larger ; less B; lager ; fewer C; more ; less D; more ; fewer

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