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表示从过去已经开始持续到现在的动作 或状态,可以和表示“从过去某一时刻 延续到现在的一段时间状语”连用,如 “for+时间段”、“since+过去的时间 点”、“since+从句(一般过去时态)”、 “since+一段时间+ago”。且for与since 引导的时间状语可以相互转换。

e.g. My uncle has worked at this factory for ten years. = My uncle has worked at this factory since ten year ago. I?ve lived here since 1990. 自从1990年以来我就住在这里。 I haven?t seen him for three years. 我三年没有看见他了。

选用for和since填空: 1.We haven?t seen each other ______ for a long time. since 10 2.His father has been in the factory ______ years ago. 3.The film has been on ______ for 20 minutes. since he came to 4.Mr Green has worked here ______ China. for 5.His grandparents have been dead ______ several years. since we met last time 6. It?s five years _______

此种用法中表示持续性的动作或状态的 动词必须是延续性动词(否定句除外)。 1. 这本书我买了5年了。 I have bought the book for five years. (×)

√( I have had the book for five years.


2. 你哥哥参军多长时间了? How long has your brother joined the army? (×) How long has your brother been in the army/been a soldier? (√ )

1. 转换为相应的延续性动词,用于现在完 成时。 borrow — keep buy — have put on — wear catch a cold — have a cold get to know — know get to sleep — sleep

2. 转化为“be + 形容词/副词/介词/名词” begin / start — be on go out — be out close — be closed open — be open get to/arrive/reach — be (in) die — be dead leave — be away

finish — be over fall sleep — be asleep join — be in/be a member of become — be make friends — be friends come/go/ — be + 相应的介词短语

? 现在完成时:表示过去发生或已经完成的某一动 作对现在造成的影响或结果,或从过去开始一直延 续到现在的动作或保存的状态,强调的是现在的情 况,不能和表示过去的时间状语连用(如:in 1990,

last Sunday 等)。
? 一般过去时:一般过去时只表示过去的动作或状 态,和现在不发生关系(即动作或状态在现在已经 结束),它可以和表示过去的时间状语连用。

在学习这一概念的同时,应注意常与现在完成 时连用的几个副词:already, just, ever, yet, never等。already, just多用于肯定句中,ever, yet, never多用于疑问句和否定句中。 如:I have already finished my homework. 我已经做完家庭作业了。 He has just had his meal.他刚吃过饭。 Have you ever sung this English song? 你曾唱过这首英文歌吗? They haven?t started yet. 他们还没有身。 We have never heard of it. 我们从来没有听说过这件事。

Have you ________(clean)

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