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甘肃省白银市靖远县北滩中学七年级英语下册 Unit 1 Lesson 6 Jenny’s Diary导学案

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Unit 1 Lesson 6 Jenny’s Diary




教学重点:区分few; a few; little; a little

教学难点:区分few; a few; little; a little


1. I was the ______________(最后一个) to get to school yesterday.

2. There are about two_______________(千) students in our school.

3. I keep a ______________(日记) every day.

4. Erhu is a kind of __________________________(乐器). 5. Beijing held the 2008____________________(奥运会).




1.最后一个晚上; 2. 昨天晚上

3.坐飞机回家 4.京剧

5.鲜艳的衣物 6.鸟巢

7.一些;几个 8.举办奥运会 9.寻找

10.数千 11.对?了解如此多

12.演奏乐器 13.拉二胡 14.回来



1. It’s amazing! 它很惊人!amazing a. 令人惊奇的,令人惊喜的 eg. It’s an amazing story. 它是一个令人惊的故事。

Amazing 主语通常是__,amazed意为“感到惊奇的”,主语通常是__。

Eg.I’m really amazed at the amazing news.我对这个令人惊奇的消息着实感到惊奇。 与其用法相似的单词还有:

2. I loved the music and the colourful clothing.我喜爱这音乐和彩色的衣服。

①clothing 为___(不可数,可数) 名词,强调“抽象概念的服装” eg. a clothing store

②clothes 为名词----数,强调“具体可见,摸得到”的衣服。 Eg. wash clothes

3. It’s only a few years old. 它只有几年的历史。

区分few (几乎没有), a few(一些;几个), little(几乎没有 ), a litte(一些;一点 )




A. few B. a few C. little D. a litte

①I have_______friends here, so I often feel lonely.

②The boy can speak_______English. You can talk with him in Enligsh.

③There is ______water in the glass, would you like to get some for me?

4. Danny looked for birds there. 丹尼在那里找鸟。

Look for 意为“ ”,侧重___。Find表示“ , ” ,侧重___。 Eg.我找不到我的钢笔了。我正在寻找它。

I can’t__ my pen.I’m ___it.

5.Where else canyou travel thousands of years back in time?还有其他哪些地方你们能追溯数千年去旅游呢? thousands of 意为“ ” 。如果thousand前面有数词,其后能否加S ? Eg. The Yellow River is over five thousand kilometres long.

The Yellow River is thousands of kilometres long.

猜猜看,hundreds of 意为“ ” ,hundred 前面有数词时,可加S吗? 达标测评

I、1.-What are they doing? -They __________________________(找) the lost boy.

2.What about________________________(拉二胡) for us?

II、( )1.Don’t worry, you still(仍然) have ___time.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( )2.Danny often helps me_____my homework. A. on B. for C. with D. at

( )3.We can learn ________about the history and culture of China.

A. a lot of B. lots of C. many D. much

第三阶段检测案 1. My mother bought me______books. They are so interesting.

2.The question is so difficult(难), ____students can answer it3.It’s too late. 3 There are ____________________(几乎没有) people on the square.

4.The girl often____________________(坐飞机) to Beijing every month?III、

5. few, old, years, it, only, is, a (连词成句)______________________________ ____?

6. We’ll go home by plane. (提问) __________________________________________



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