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第四天 虚拟语气讲解

发布时间:2014-06-08 14:01:41  

科目:专升本英语 主讲教师:何江华

? 第四天课程安排: ? 上午: ? 1.虚拟语气 ? 2. 作业评讲 ? 下午: ? 1. 单词讲解 (198-263) ? 2. 听力练习



虚拟语气(subjunctive mood),表示说的话不是事实或者 是不可能发生的情况,而是一种愿望、建议或与事实相反 的假设等。



should do 表虚拟




1、if 引导的虚拟条件状语从句

(1 ) If I were a boy , I would have Adam’s Apple.
If I went around the moon, I would pick the moon off. 对现在情况的虚拟 : If +主语+were/did +…, 主语+would/should/might/could +do

1、if 引导的虚拟条件状语从句

? (2) We said if we had bought a house, we would have sent it to our parents. ? 对过去情况的虚拟 :
If +主语+had done +…, 主语 +would/should/might/could + have done

1、if 引导的虚拟条件状语从句 (3)If it were to warm up tomorrow, we would climb up the mountain. ? If it warmed up tomorrow, we would climb up the mountain. ? If it should warm up tomorrow, we would climb up the mountain. ? 对将来情况的虚拟 : ? If +主语+were to do/ should do/did +…, ? 主语+would/should/might/could +do +…

if 引导的时态倒退虚拟条件状语从句
与现在事实相反 的假设 与过去事实相反 的假设

If +S + were/did+…


S+ would/should/might/ could+ do +… S+ would/should/might/ could+ have done +… S+ would/should/might/ could+ do +…

If +S + had done+...

与将来事实相反 的假设

If +S + did/should do/were to do +…

? 1、 省略if 情况 ? 2、混合虚拟语气

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

2、只虚拟从句的时态倒退 I wish I had one million. I wish I had gone to the moon long long ago. We wish we would pass the exam. 类似词: wish 希望,祝愿 would rather=would sooner 宁愿 as if =as though 似乎,好像 If only 要是、、、就好了 I would rather you had not come.


? ? ? ?

without 如果没有… but for 要不是… otherwise 如果没有…;否则的话 Without your help, we would have fallen in trouble. ? He must failed to receive my letter, otherwise he would have replied me.

二、从句中用should do 表虚拟的情况
? 1.表命令,建议,要求,请求的词引导的名词性从句 ,that + (should) do

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

表命令: order v./ n. ; ordered adj. command v./ n.; commanded adj. 表建议: advise v.; advice n.; advisable adj. suggest v. ; suggestion n. ; suggestive adj. Propose v.; proposal n. ; propositional adj.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

表要求; require v.; requirement n.; required adj. request v./ n.; requested adj. insist v./ n. 坚决要求;insistent adj. 表请求: demand v./

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