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( )15.--Your dress _____ very nice. --Thanks.

A. sees B.looks C.watches D.look ( )16.-Is this ________ dictionary?

-No, _____ isn’t _______ dictionary.

A. his; it; me B. your; it; my C. your; this; my D. my; it; my

( )17. The weather in Beijing is ___________.

A rain B snow C wind D windy

( )18.Lily and I __________ watching TV in my living room.

A am B is C are D be ( )19.I have ________ home work to do today.

A too many B too much C much too D very much

( )20 --- _________ does it take you to go to the park by taxi? --- About 30


A How B How far C How long D How away 二、完形填空。(10分)

There are nineteen boys and twenty-eight girls in our class. 1 the boys is English. His is Sam. He is thirteen. Two of the are American. They are twins. names are Lucy and Jane. They are twelve. They are my All of the other boys and girls are . We Chinese all like the English boy and the (一起). We help and they help us.

the twins! They are coming this way. Let's say hello to them. 1. A. One of B. Two of C. Three of D. Four of 2. A. school B. sister C. brother D. name 3. A. brothers B. sisters C. girls D. boys 4. A. Your B. Their C. Our D. Her 5. A. teachers B. friends C. brothers D. students 6. A. Chinese B. English C. American D. friends 7. A. teacher B. sisters C. brothers D. students 8. A. but B. or C. and D. so 9. A. her B. them C. him D. you 10. A. is B. come C. go D. work 三、阅读理解。(20分)


It's late at night. Arthur is sitting on his bed and he's looking at his clock, his neighbors(邻居) are making a lot of noise and Arthur is very angry. The people in Apartment(公寓) 2 are dancing. The man in Apartment 3 is vacuuming(真空) the carpet(地毯). The woman in Apartment 4 is practicing the violin (练习小提琴). The teenagers in Apartment 5 are listening to loud rock music (摇滚乐). The dog in Apartment 6 is barking. And the people in Apartment 7 are having a big argument

C.Weather report D.Sports 四.补全对话(5分) A: Hello, Sam?

A: I’m in Mexico!B: Oh, thanks.

A: So how is it going there? B: Great! A: Pretty good. B: I’m having a party. My whole family is here. B: Terrible. It’s cold and raining.

A: Are you having a party? B: How is the weather? C: Where are you? D: What do you do?

E: I’m calling to say happy birthday! F: What are you doing? G: How is it going with you?

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