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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1现在进行时:be (am, is, are) + doing 2过去进行时: be (were, was) + doing 3一般现在时: do, does 4一般过去时: did 5一般将来时: shall/will + do 6过去将来时: should/ would + do 7现在完成时: have /has + done 8过去完成时: had +done

goes swimming in the river ? 1.He ______ every day in summer. (go) seems ? 2.It________you are right. ( seem ) are playing ? 3.Look, the children___________ basketball on the playground. ( play ) was listening ? 4.He_____________to the radio when I came in, ( listen ) will rain ? 5.It is very cold .I think it______ . ( rain ) will bring ? 6. I need some paper . I_________ some for you . ( bring )

took it ? ? 7.I cant find my pen . Who ______ ( take ) ? 8.He said that he would ___________ come back in five minutes . ( come ) has left when I ? 9.I didn’t meet him. He________ got there. ( leave ) ? 10.I______my bike, so I have to walk to lost school. ( lose ) sat ? 11.He______down and began to read his newspaper. ( sit ) hasn’t eaten ? 12.He is very hungry. He_________ anything for three days. ( not eat )

will go ? 13.I______with you if I have time . ( go ) is ? 14.We will go to the cinema if it ______ fine . (be ) ? 15.I will tell her the news when comesto see me next week. (come) she______ buy ? 16. When did ______ you ______ the car ? In 1998 . ( buy ) have been ? 17.We_________good friends since we met at school . (be) ? 18.What______you______ were doing at five yesterday afternoon ? (do)

does ? 19.The bike is nice . How much ______ cost it______? (cost) ? 20 The boy is happy because he ___________(sell) out all the newspapers. has sold will be given 21.The plan _____________(give) up because of rain. rain 22.If it doesn’t __________(not rain) tomorrow, we will go ____________(go )fishing. have been 23.Where ____________you ___________ (be) these days? will go 24.Where is Tom? He _________(go) to come the post office. He said he would _________(come) back soon.

wants ? 25.Mike says he _________(want )to be a finishes (finish )school. worker after he _________ had 26.The last bus ____________just left ________(leave) when they got ________(get) to the bus stop. won’t go 27.She _________(not go) to bed until she finishes _______(finish) her work. travels 28.Light ___________(travel )much faster than sound. felt 29.I __________(feel) much better after I had taken _______(take) the medicine. meet 30.”Where shall ________we________(meet)?” “Let’s meet outside the park gate.”

A )1.Well go swimming if the ? ( weather ______f ine tomorrow. ? A. is B. was C. will be ? D. are going to be ? (B )2.It______five years since he has left for Beijing. ? A. was B. has been C. is D. is going to be ? (B )3.Please don’t leave the office until your friend ______ back. ? A. came B. comes C. have come D. will come

? ( D)4

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