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英 语

( )1. --- ______ you sing? --- Yes, I can.

A. Do B. Can C. Are D. Am

( )2.---How do you _____ school? ----I take the train.

A. get B.get to C. arrive D.arrive to

( )3. ---Have a good time! ---_______.

A. Thanks. B. You too. C. Thank you too much. D. Of course, I will.

( )4. I want to ______ the chess club.

A. join B. join in C. join to D. join for

( )5. Tom wants ________ to you. Are you free?

A.to tell B.tells C.to talk D.talks

( )6. Thank you for ______ us some help.

A. giving B. give C. given D. to give

( )7. ---What club ______ you want to join? --- Chess club.

A. does B. do C. can D. are

( )8.Her sister can play ______ piano, but she can’t play ____ basketball.

A. the; the B. /; the C. the; / D. /; /

( ) 9. ―What's the time? ―_____half past nine.

A. Its B. It's C. This is D. They're

( )10. We go to _____ at six thirty in the morning.

A. the school B. a school C. school D. schools ( ) 11. —______ does your mother work? —In the morning. A. What B. How C. Where D. When ( ) 12. ---Have a good time! ---_______.

A. Thanks. B. You too.

C. Thank you too much. D. Of course, I will. ( ) 13. Do you want to _____ a story? A. say B. speak C. tell D. taste ( ) 14. What time does Jane ______ after school? A. do her homework B. does her homework C. do her homeworks D. does her homeworks ( ) 15. --Can you tell me --Yes, it’s fifteen minutes by bus. A. how much B. how long C. how far D. how ( )16. Miss 'Read is good music. A. for B. with C. at D in ( )17.I walk to school every day. ____? A. What about you do B. What do you C. How about you D. What about your ( )18.---How many students are there in our school? ---About ______. . A.three hundred B.three hundreds C.three hundred of D.three hundreds of ( )19---____ your teacher___ home? ---Yes, she does.

A. Do; go B. Does; go C. Do; goes D. Does goes to ( )20. I ______ play basketball on Saturday afternoon.

A. sometimes B. sometime C. some time D. some times 二、完形填空 (10分)

出生1990. Now he is . movies, and he often goes to . Li Lei can . He often plays it after school. He likes music. He wants a musician(音乐家).

Li Lei also likes sports. He usually(通常 them on TV. a sister, and she likes playing a her grandmother.

( )1. A. China B. Chinese C. China’s D. England ( )2. A. on B. in C. at D. of

( )3. A. twelfth B. twelveth C. twelve D the twelfth ( )4. A. like B. doesn’t like C. likes D. dislike ( )5. A. they B. them C. its D. it

( )6. A. violin B. the violin C. an violin D. a violin ( )7. A. to is B. is C. to be D. be

( )8. A. watch B. to watch C. watches D. look ( )9. A .have B. has C. is D. are ( )10. A. with B. about C. of D. to 三. 阅读理解(20分)


This is Wang Ping’s Day. He’s a young worker. His job is carrying

A. At 5:20 in the morning. B. At 5:10 in the afternoon. C. At 5:40 in the morning. D. At 6:00 in the afternoon. ( )2. What time does he get up? A. 6:00 p.m. B. 7:40 p.m.

C.. 5:10 a. m. D. 5:00 p.m. ( )3. Wang Ping watches ______ on TV.

A. films B. stories C. news D. books ( )4. Wang Ping goes home _______.

A. By bus B. by car C.by train D. by bike ( )5. --- How about Wang Ping’s dinner?

--- _______.

A. big B. good C. small D. just so so


Zhang Lei likes walking. He goes for a walk with his father after he comes back from work. Zhang Lei likes water very much.

He often throws his toys into the water. He plays with the water and sometimes he is wet all over(全身湿透). His mother says, “You are like fish, I think.” Zhang Lei is very glad. “Yes, I like fish very much because fish can swim.”

One Sunday morning, Zhang Lei goes to a park with his father. There are also many trees and flowers in the park. There are a lot of people in the park. Some of them are sitting under the trees. Some of them are sitting at tables and having tea or drinks. There is a big swimming pool in the middle of the park. Zhang Lei asks his father to take him to the pool.

“Why do you want to go there?” asks his father.

“I want to learn swimming,” answers Zhang Lei. “And you can teach me, I think.”

“You are too young. And I’m sorry I can’t swim,” says his father.

“You can’t swim? Li Tao’s father swims very well. Why can’t you swim?”

“His father likes eating fish. So he swims very well,” says his father.

“Oh, I see,” says Zhang Lei. “But you like eating chicken very much. Can you lay eggs (下蛋)?” asks Zhang Lei. ( ) 6. Zhang Lei often walks with___.

A. his mother B. his father C. his friend D. Li Tao

( ) 7. Zhang Lei doesn’t go to school because he is too___.

A. small B. tall C. young D.


( ) 8. Zhang Lei’s father doesn’t ___on Sundays.

A. go to school B. go shopping C. go home D. go to work

( ) 9. There are many ___in the park on weekends.

A. people B. trees C. flowers D. tables

( ) 10. Zhang Lei wants to swim in the water like___.

A. dogs B. fish C. cats D. birds 四、从Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏中对应的答语。(5分)


( )1.Can I help you? A. In the morning. ( )2. seven fiftheen B.a quarter past seven.

( )3. Where do you work? C. Yes, please. I want to join a club. ( )4. When does she take a shower? D. At a radio station. ( )5.Can you play volleyball? E. No, I can’t.

七年级月考英语试题答题卡 总分__________



三、阅读理解(20分) 1.坐火车 3下象棋

5骑自行车 7坐船 9讲英语 六、用所给单词的适当形式填空(10分)

1. There are two (piano)in the music room. 2. Can you 5. Don’t ________ (run ) in the hallways.

6 .We want ___________(buy) some books.

7.My sister _(take) the train to Shanghai

8. You must __________ (arrive ) at school at six in the morning. 9. _____________(do) he often get up early?

10. Let’s ______________(have) some salad.

七.句式转换 按要求完成下列句子。(20分 )

1. He can play the piano. (改成否定句)

He __________ __________ the piano.

对划线部分提问) _______ ______ can you join?

3. Lucy’s brother wants to be an actor. (改成一般疑问句) ________ Lucy’s brother _________ to be an actor? 4. He walk to school. (同义句)

He get to school __________ __________ 5. 提问)

___________ __________ does Tim usually go to bed? 6. I do homework at seven. (否定句)

I __________ __________ homework at seven. 7. (划线提问) ___________ does he often ___________ lunch? 8. (划线提问) __________ __________ does it take? _________ ________he get to school?

10.Listen to music in class.( 改成否定祈使句)

___________ __________to music in class. 八.写作(10)。

根据下列表格提示,以Mike’s Saturday为题写一篇60词左右的英语短文。


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