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一.选择填空 从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案(40分) ( )1. I’ll help________ signs after school.

A. put off B. putting off C. put up D. putting up

( )2. Mariah used to ________interested in music, but now she’s used to ________tennis.

A. be, play B. being, play C. being, playing D. be, playing

( )3. The disabled man has trouble ________common things like carrying things.

A. do B. to do C. does D. doing

( )4. He bought 3 _________.

A. kilos apple B. kilos apples C. kilos of apple D. kilos of apples ( )5. I don’t want to go there _________. Will you please go with me?

A. alone B. lonely C. right away D. myself

( )6.________ of them likes to play basketball.

A. Each B. Everyone C. Every D. Both

( )7. ---I have a sore throat. ---You _________drink more hot tea ________honey.

A. should, has B. should, with C. need, has D. need, with

( )8. They plan to write some notices and ________after school.

A. give away them B. give them away C. hand out them D. hand them out ( )9. What did they ask you ________out with?

A. help B. to help C. helping D. helped

( )10. You look unhappy. ______________?

A. What did you happen B. What’s the wrong C. What’s the matter D. What was happened ( )11. A friend of _________sent me a photo of ________yesterday.

A. me, him B. mine, him C. me, his D. mine, his

( )12. My uncle isn’t _____ at the moment.

A.feel well B.feeling well. C. feeling good

( )13. What’s the matter _____ you?

A.with B. on C. in

( )14._____Daming’s help , the problems are solved successfully .

A .As for , B Thanks for C Thanks to D According to

( )15. Keeping healthy is more important than_______ .

A. to be angry B. be angry C. being angry D. are angry

( )16. It is the best way_______ the small problems.

A. deal with B. dealing with C. to deal with D. to deal

( )17. It’s _________interesting work.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )18. I noticed them __________the bus ten minutes ago.

A. get off B. to get off C. getting off D. got off

( )19. To our _________, Jack arrived on time today.

A. surprise B. surprised C. surprising D. surprises

( )20. Mary is in trouble. Let’s try to _____her_____.


A. give… out B. hand…out C. work…out D. help…out

( )21.Don’t give up hope. I’m sure things will get better.

A. stop having B. put down C. start D. fall

( )22.He came up with a good plan which we all agreed to.

A. thought over B. thought more of C. thought up D. thought about

( )23. Don’t ________ the meeting. Because it’s important.

A. put off B. put away C. put on D. put up

( )24.—What is Jim doing?—He is____________ the bike.

A. repair B. repairing C. repaired D. repairs

( )25. Jim is very sad. Because he has______________ money.

A. ran out B. ran out of C. run out of D. run out

( )26.I’m reading now .Please tell him__________ the TV a bit.

A. turn up B. turn off C. to turn down D. turn down

( )27.—You _______ write him a letter to say you are sorry for it.

—I ’m not good at writing letters.I want to talk about it _______ the phone.

A.could;on B.should;in C.can;over D.must;by

( )28. It ________ her four hours_________ the work yesterday.

A. takes, finish B. take, finishing C. took, finished D. took, to finish

( )29. —I’m sorry I broke my neighbor’s window. What should I do ?

—I’m afraid you have to ________ it.

A. look for B. pay for C. cut up D. get back

( )30. _________ a volunteer is great.

A. Being B. Be C. To D. To being

( )31. — _______________? — My car doesn’t work.

A. Why are you here ? B. How do you do C. What’s wrong? D. What’s this ?

( )32. — We can use QQ to talk with each other on the Internet.

— Really? Will you please show me _________?

A. what to use B. how to use it C. how can I use it D. what can I use

( )33. — I had a fight with my brother this morning.

— _________

A. That’s nothing. B. Great!You are right.

C. You should say sorry to him. D.You shouldn’t talk to him first.

( )34. She looked _________ when she heard the _________ news.

A. surprised; surprised B. surprising; surprised

C. surprising; surprising D. surprised; surprising

( )35. Little Tom is an orphan. He now feels__________ without his only friend the dog, Lucky. A. even more lonely B. very more lonely C. still more alone D. far more alone ( )36.If you don’t go, I won’t go _______.

A.too B.also C.either D.neither

( )37.After the death of their parents, the sisters _______ well and never argued.

A.got up B.got on C.got down D.got to

( )38. Could you please help me_________ when the planes arrives?

A. ask B. look for C. finds out D. find out

( )39. He used to ________very late, but now he is used to __________ early.


A. get up; getting up B. get up; get up C. getting up; get up D. getting up; getting up ( )40.—What’s the matter with you, Peter? —_________________.

A. I am a student in Grade 9. B.He has got a headache.

C. I had a fight with my best friend.. D. She’ll take some medicine.



1.My parents don’t ________ (准许)me to hang out with my friends.

2.Can you give me some ______ (建议)? I need your help.

3.Doctors say too much pressure is not good for a child’s _________ (发展).

4.There are too many children ____( 咳嗽)in her class today

5.Ben is ________(躺)-on the grass and enjoying the sunshine.

6. He made a good ________(决定)to go to bed early every night.

7. Don’t play cards . It’s a ________ (浪费)of time.

8.My parents don’t _________(允许)me to hang out with my friends.

9.Don’t be n________ before the exam.

10. The boy could visit the sick children in the hospital to c________ them up.

11. Did you watch yesterday’s singing __________________(比赛)?

12. His e__________sister is two years older than him.

13. The girl is wrong,but it’s not a big d_________.

14. My new dress is s______________to the one you have.

15. They v_____________ to help the sick people last week.

16.What’s w___________with your watch?----It’s broken.

17.I want to s____________the floor.

18.Try to c___________these unhappy children up,please.

19.Jane make a d_____________to swim well.

20.Please take o__________your coat.It’s hot here.

(B)根据句意,用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。 (20分)

1. I was _______________(surprise) at the _______________(surprise) news.

2. Why don’t you sit down and ____________ (communication) with your brother? 3. It’s crazy for Mothers to keep on ____________ (compare)their kids with others . 4. He ______(get ) off and helped the blind man cross the road .

5. .Did Mary cut ________(she) ? Yes , she did .

6.We all know the ______________(important)of English.

7. Would you mind not _____________(play)soccer here?

8. I’ve been trying_________________(repair)my bike for twenty-five minutes.

9. Could you please ___________(clean) your rooom?

10. Jim asked me ______________(call) him.

11.Thanks for______________(help)me so much.

12. My parents don’t allow me _______________(go) out at night.

13. Could you give me some _____________(advice).

14. He is a _______________(success) writer.

15.What’s the matter with ____________(he)?


16.He left without_________________(say) a word.

17.John didn’t go to school,because he didn’t feel _________(good).

18.You should learn ____________(relax)yourself.

19.___________(move) to the city is very hard.



A: What’s wrong with you, Jak? You look unhappy.

B: Well, I don’t get on well with my friends,Jane.

A: Really? 1._____________

B: I argued with her yesterday.

A: 2.________________

B: Because she wanted to copy my homework, but I didn’t let her do.

A: You are right. You can’t let her copy your homework. But Jane is a very

good student.3________________

B: She said she went to the hospital to look after her mother.

A: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

B: 4.________________

A: Don’t worry, Jack. You are really good friends.5.________________

B: Yes, I talked to her,but she didn’t answer me.

A: I am sure she will talk with you tomorrow.


A; Hi, Fangfang,You were not at school yesterday.1.________________

B: Oh, I had a headache and I had to ask for a sik leave.

A: Sorry to hear that. 2._______________

B: Yes.My mother took me to the hospital.

The doctor looked me over and said I had caught a cold.


B: Yes, alittle. The doctor told me to take the medicine three times a day and drink more water. A:4.___________________

B: Yes,much better.

A: 5.______________

B: I will. Thanks a lot.


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