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7B Unit8 Comic strip & Welcome to the unit

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Unit 8 Pets
Comic strip & welcome to the unit

What is it?

It is very clever. It has feathers(羽毛). It can fly. You can teach it to speak.


I like parrots because they sing , and I can teach them to speak. can_________________________ teach sb. to do sth.

What is it?
It has red eyes. It has long ears. It likes eating carrots.

two long ears.

rabbit carrots We can feed(喂养)them ________. feed sb. sth.

What is it?
It is friendly to people. You can play with it in the park. It will bark at someone when it sees strangers(陌生人).

play with sb. play with sth.

with it. we can play __________

What is it?
It often goes out at night.

It is very small and soft.
We can hold it in our hands. It is afraid of cats.

small and soft

in one’s hand

hold it

This mouse is small and soft

hold it and we can ____________ in our hands.

What is it?
She likes playing with balls.

She likes fish best.
She can make a sound like “miaow”.

sleep on one’s knees

n. 膝,膝盖

cat I like cats because they can sleep on my knees . __________________

What is it?
It lives in the water.

It sleeps with its eyes open.
Its color is often orange.

swim around 游来游去

two goldfish

I like watching them swim around. watch sb do sth I like goldfish because I can watch them _________around swim

Task 2:Match the reasons with the animals. 1.I love my parrot a.I like watching them because____ swim around. 2.I like my rabbit b.she loves to sleep on because____ my knees. c.it's very small and soft 3.I like my goldfish and I can hold it in my because___ 4.I like my white mouse hand. d.I can feed her carrots because___ and I like her long ears. 5.I love my dog e.I can play with him in because___ the park. 6.I like my cat f.he can sing, and I want to because ___ teach him to speak.

f d a c e b

1. What does Eddie want Hobo to do?

Bring him something to eat.
2. Is Hobo happy? Why?

No, because Eddie is rude.
3.Does Eddie like his pet? What does he want?

No. He wants a new pet.

一 根据首字母及中文提示完成单词
1.I often f _____ eed fish to my cat . 2.I like my p arrot _____ because it can sing well. 3.I can hold ___ (拿着) the bird in my hand.

mice 1.There are two ________ (mouse) in the box. watching (watch) it swim around. 2.I like ________
3.She wants to ______(teach) us__________ teach to dance (dance).

1.我的小女儿非常喜欢看鱼儿游来游去。 watching the My little daughter likes __________ fish__________ around swim 2.你应该给兔子喂胡萝卜。 feed the rabbit carrots You should ____ _______some______. 3.我想要教鹦鹉说:“早上好”. teach the parrot____ to _____ say I want to _______ “Good morning.”

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