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初一英语第五周试卷 (国庆假期)


( )1.There is ____”u” and ____”s” in the word “ useful “.

A. an , a B. a , an C. a , a D .an ,an

( )2.-What’s the Chinese _____”clock”? A. with B .in C .for D . /

( )3. – Is this your sister ? -Yes, ____. A .he is B .she is C .it is D. this is

( )4.____those your ____? A .Are ,apple B .Is , apple C .Is ,apples D .Are, apples

( )5.____ father is a work . He works very hard . A. Lucy and Lily B. Lucy and Lily’s

C. Lucy’s and Lily D. Lucy’s and Lily’s

( )6.-Is that Alan’s pencil? -_____.

A. Yes ,that is . B. No, it isn,t. C. Yes ,it isn’t D. No, that isn’t.

( )7.Dave is a teacher .____ phone number is 989-564 . A .Her B. My C. His D. Your

( )8.Thanks ______your oranges . A. with B. of C. at D. for

( )9.If (如果) he isn’t at school .Please call me _____453-7868. A.in B.at C on D.for

( )10 .-Is this your bike ? It is very nice . –Yes ,____.

A .thanks B. the same to you C. it’s not nice D. don’t say so .


Hello! is Jack Hand.My name is Hand .I am 10 years old. There are in my family . My father is phone is 809-2221. And my Jane.This is her number is 65843447. Linda and Sonia ’s and that red pencil is Sonia’s.Is this ( )11.A.I B.His C.He D.My

( )12 A.last B.English C.first D.school

( )13.A.four B.five C.six D.seven

( )14.A. Green B. Smith C.Hand D.Miller

( )15.A.number B.card C.color D./

( )16.A.father B.mother C.sister D.brother

( )17.A.phone B.school C.card D.number

( )18.A.are B.is C.am D.be

( )19.A.yellow B.red C.green D.blue

( )20. A.key B .ruler C.pencil D.pen


( )22.Bob’s jacket is ____. A.red B.blue C.yellow D.green

( )23.Is Cindy’s ruler white ? A.No, it isn’t. B.Yes ,it is C.No, ia is D.We don’t know

( )24.____ has a green pen . A。Helon B.Bob C.Frank D.Alice

( )25.What color is the key ? A.Black B.White C.Green D.Red

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