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( )1. --- Do you have ______QQ number?--- No. Can you tell me how to get_______?

A. a; it B. the; it C. a; one D. /; one

( )2. --- Look! Lots of people there. What’s wrong?

-- An old lady was going across the road ________ a car hit her.

A. while B. if C. whether D. when

( )3. --- unusual music he is playing!--- Yes, all of the students are losing themselves in it. A. What B. What an C. How a D. How

( one, and she is also the one who loves to be quiet. A. a younger B. a youngest C. the younger D. the youngest

( can you be ready for the party, Lily?---In thirty minutes.

A. How much B. How often C. How long D. How soon

( )6. ---Mike, I can’t stop playing computer games

---For your eyes, my dear friend, I’m afraid you .A. have to B. may C. could D. can

( )7. A. None B. Both C. Neither D. Either

( )8. The idea sounds fine. I wonder who A. got along with B. came up with C. agreed with D. dealt with

( )9. There’s a good movie on TV tonight, but it’s at 11p.m. I don’t want to so late. A. show up B. come up C. hurry up D. stay up

( )10. ---I’m sorry. I’m late for the music presentation.

--- Why are you so late? The presentation ______ _ for 10 minutes.

A. has begun B. has stopped C. has been over D. has finished

( )11. --- Many people worry about that so many college graduates can't find a job. ---_____is no need to worry about it as the government is now making every _____to provide more jobs.

A. It; effort B. It; measure C. There; effort D. There; effect

( )12. ---You aren’t a stranger here to me, are you?

--- , don’t you remember me at the school gate ten minutes ago? A. Yes, to see B. No, seeing C. No, saw D. Yes, seeing

( )13. ---Do you know _______? ---Sorry, I have no idea.

A. where did you park my car B. what’s the matter with him

C. how can I get to the park D. when they have finished the work

( )14. ---I feel really nervous before the interview. --- . I’m sure you are the best. A. Take it easy B. What’s up C. What’s happening D. Forget it

( )15. --- Mr Smith, ple ase teach me how to draw on the computer today.

--- Oh, no._______. You have to get familiar with the keyboard first.

A. Learn to walk before you run B. It's never too old to learn

C. A good beginning is half done D. The early bird catches the worm


Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region(宁夏回族自治区) is my hometown. It is in 16 China. Ningxia 17 a total area of 66,000 square kilometres. It has a 18 of 5.62 million. One third of them are Hui minority people. It has long, cold winters and short, hot summers. Yingchuan is the 19 of the region. Ningxia has a long history. During the time 1

of the Tang and Han dynasties, Ningxia was the main place for trade and 20 between the eastern and western districts of ancient China.

Ningxia is also a famous 21 area.There are many interesting things to see in Ningxia. It includes the 1,500-year-old Haibao Pagoda. It also has the West Xia Imperial Tombs, which is known 22 the “Pyramids of China”. You can also find Helan Moutains in northwest Ningxia. Sand Lake Scenic Resort is the national tourist attraction with a 23 , sand dunes(沙丘), birds and fish. During the May-September period, it’s the best time to come to the lake to see a dozen of precious birds, such as swans, white and grey cranes and wild geese. If you want to ride the24 in desert, you could go to Shapotou. Sliding(滑) down the sand dunes will make you 25 . Ningx ia is a good place to visit.

( )16. A. southwest B. northeast C. northwest D. southeast

( )17. A. covers B. lies C. appears D. stands

( )18. A. number B. po pulation C. pollution D. lot

( )19. A. country B. village C. place D. capital

( )20. A. transportation B. entertainment C. exploration D. environment

( )21. A. shopping B. tourist C. skiing D. swimming

( )22. A. for B. to C. in D. as

( )23. A. mountain B. lake C. waterfall D. forest

( )24. A. camel B. horse C. sheep D. tiger

( )25. A. lonely B. sad C. excited D. worried


1. You'd better brush your ________ twice a day.

2. The novel is so moving that it's well worth _______.

3. There is no doubt that the Huangyan Island________ to China.

4. Our government is trying to make sure the students take school buses________.

5. We hope Liu Xiang will run ______ than any other runner in the London Olympics.


1. _______ _______(事实上), he is afraid of making a speech in public.

2. As we know, good results________ ________ (取决于)hard work.

3. Many teachers go on working ________ _______(即使)they are sick.

4. His dream ________ ________ (实现)at last with his great effort.

5. We are _______ _______(为??自豪) China for its long history and colorful c用括号中动词的适当的形式填空。

1.The boy is happy because he ___________(sell) out all the newspapers.

2.The plan _____________(give) up because of rain.

3.If it __________(not rain) tomorrow, we ____________(go )fishing.

4.Where ____________you____________(be) these days?

5.Where is Tom? He ______(go) to the post office. He said he _____(come) back soon. 6.Mike says he _________(want )to be a worker after he _________ (finish )school. 7.The last bus __________just ______(leave) when they _____(get) to the bus stop. 8.She _________(not go) to bed until she _______(finish) her work.


9.Light ___________(travel )much faster than sound.

10.I __________(feel) much better after I _______(take) the medicine.

11.”Where ________we________(meet)?” “Let’s meet outside the park gate.” 12.I_________(be) afraid Mr Johnson __________(not visit) out school tomorrow. 13.I _________(lost) my bike ._________you _________(see) it anywhere? 14.________this kind of car __________(produce) in Shanghai?

15.We __________(see) several members of the family since we ________(arrive) 16.I found that the students _________(play) football on the playground.

17.The shop ___________(close) at this time of day.

18.Where ________your watch _________(lose)?

19.________the doctor __________(send) for last night?

20.Three children ___________(take) good care by the nurse.

21.Some children ___________(take ) good care by the nurse.

22.Some new houses _________(build) by the villagers themselves.

23.What language ________(speak) in Australia?

24.The colour TV _________(buy) in that shop three days ago.

25.He said he __________(stay) here for another two days.

26.The doctor said Jim must ________(operate ) on at once.

27.“__________the bridge _______(repair) yet?”“Yes, the workers_______ already______(repair) it.”

28.We are in Grade One this year, so we _________(teach ) physics next year. 阅读理解

Andy was still traveling in Spain when he realized he had to confirm his flight home with the airline company. He was visiting Spain in order to improve his Spanish. When he was speaking to people face to face, he had no difficulty understanding what they said. However, when he was speaking on the phone, he still had a problem. Andy called the airline. And the clerk confirmed that his plane was leaving at nine o'clock three days from that day. She also told Andy to be at the airport two hours earlier in order to check in his luggage and get a seat.

Since he was leaving in three days, Andy didn't lose any time. He visited as many places as he could. He thought that it would probably be a while before he had enough money again. He wished he could come back and spend a year in Spain.

Too quickly, the final day arrived. Andy left early for the airport to arrive two hours before take-off. He hated to rush. He went to the clerk to show his ticket. The clerk looked at the ticket in surprise. "Why, sir, but your flight was at nine o'clock in the morning, and now it is eight in the evening." "But I confirmed my flight," insisted Andy. "Will I have to pay for another ticket?"

"No, Sir. However, the next flight out will be three days from now."

Andy's look of shock turned to pleasure as he realized that now he could continue his vacation.

( )1. Why was Andy in Spain?

A. He was there on a business trip. B. He hoped to learn Spanish better.

C. He liked to visit places of interest in Spain. D. He was visiting friends there

( )2. Andy missed his flight because________.


A. he forgot his flight time B. the clerk misunderstood him

C. he misunderstood the clerk D. the clerk gave him the wrong time of his flight

( )3. Which word can best describe the feeling of Andy when he came to know that his stay in Spain would be longer?

A. Happy. B. Shocked. C. Upset. D. Angry.

( )4. What would Andy do next?

A. He would pay for another ticket. B. He would go to another country.

C. He would stay at the airport. D. He would stay in Spain for another three days.

( )5. What can we know from the passage?

A. Andy would be worried.

B. Andy was enjoying himself when visiting places in Spain.

C. It’s more difficult for Andy to understand others in Spanish face to face than on the phone.

D. Travelers always have to confirm the time of flight with airline companies by phone call.


1.About four centuries ago, Hyde Park was first opened to the public. It is a fascinating park in England, In the b____ _,Hyde Park was far larger and included Kensington Gardens, but when Queen Caroline m_____ to Kensington Palace, she moved part of Hyde Park i_____ her gardens. In the north eastern corner stands Marble Arch which lies near Speakers Corner, where you can find a s_____.

2.Anterctica is in the most southern part of the world, It is like nowhere e_____ on the earth. V____ few plants grow there. W___ captain James Cook traveled around

Antarctica in the 1770s by ship. he found no o____ living there. Scientists think that this cold and lonely place can teach us a l_ _ about the earth and how to keep the earth safe. 将下面的复合句变为简单句。

1. I hope that I will hear from you soon.I hope ______ ______ from you soon.

2. I wonder how I can go there.I wonder ______ ______go there.

3. When and where they should build a new power station is a difficult problem for them. When and where ______ ______ a new power station is a difficult problem for them.

4.I think that it is dangerous to play with fire.

I think ______ ______ to play with fire.

5. I saw that he was playing computer games.I saw ______ ______ computer games.

6.She heard that the boy cried all night.She heard the boy ______ all night.

7. It seemed that he would catch up with others.He seemed _____ ____ up with others.

8.The headmaster ordered that we should start at once.

The headmaster ordered 9.Soon we found that the ground was covered with thick snow.

Soon we found the ground thick snow.

10He insisted that he should go with us. He insisted with us. 4

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