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人教版英语七年级下册unit12 SectionA

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Look at pictures.What did the people do last weekend? Answer “did”questions.

Did he ride a horse?
Yes, he did. He rode a horse?

Did they pick strawberries?
Yes, they did. They picked very good strawberries?

Did she do her homework?
Yes, she did. She did her homework?

Did they go to a museum?
No,they didn’t. They went to the cinema.

Did they go fishing?
No,they didn’t. They went boating.

Did they swim in the lake?
No,they didn’t. They camped by the lake. (在湖边野营)

Did they go to the mountain?
No,they didn’t. They went to the beach. (海滩)

Did she play tennis?
No, she didn’t. She played badminton. (羽毛球)

Did she feed cows?
No, she didn’t. She fed sheep.

What did he do?

He played badminton.

What did he do?

He went boating.

What did he do?

He went to the cinema.

What did they do?

They went to the beach.

What did they do?

They went fishing.

What did he do last weekend?

He did his homework.


Match the activities with the pictures [a-f].

a 1. did my homework __ 2. went to the cinema __ d 3. went boating __ e 4. camped by the lake __ f 5. went to the beach __ b c 6. played badminton __

(1)Listen to the conversation. How was Lucy’s last weekend? It was great. _________________________ (2)Write the day, morning, afternoon or night below each picture.

Saturday night Sunday night Saturday afternoon

Sunday afternoon
Saturday morning

Sunday morning

Pairwork. Student A is Lucy.Student B asks 1c Lucy about her weekend.

How was your last weekend, Lucy? What did you do

It was ______.

on Saturday

….… …….

I played badminton.

Listen and underline 2a the words you hear.

1. I visited my (aunt / grandma). ________ 2. I did my (homework _________ / sports). 3. I studied for the (English _______ / math) test. 4. I went to a (farm _____ / beach). 5. I fed some (sheep / _____ cows).

Listen again. Write C for Carol, J for 2b Jack or B for Becky next to the statements in 2a.

1. ___ B I visited my grandma. 2. ___ B I did my homework. 3. ___ C I studied for the English test. J I went to a farm. 4. ___ J I fed some cows. 5. ___


1.What did Becky do? She visited her grandma and did her homework. 2.Who studied for the English test? =Carol studied for the Carol did. English test. 3.Where did Jack go? He went to a farm. 4. Did Jack feed any cows? No, he fed some sheep.

Make a survey. Ask your group members what they did last week. Then give a reporter. 组长采访小组成员上周末的情况,并 作报告。(要求:请用英语交流)

Name What did he/she do?
Watched TV Carol Did homework

How was his/her last weekend


In my group, Carol watched TV and did her homework. Her weekend was boring.

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