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Adverbs of frequency tell you how often things happen. Look at the graph below.
80% 60% 40% 20% 0%

never seldom sometimes often usually always

Make a dialogue with your partner using “how often”. A: How often do you play football? B: I always play football after school. A: How often... B: ...

Complete the sentences on Page 64. Then use never, seldom, sometimes, often, usually, always to make sentences about yourself.

Countable and uncountable nouns

名词是表示人、事物、地点或抽象概 念的名称的词,可以用数量来计算的 名词为可数名词。可数名词一般有单 数和复数两种形式。

可数名词的单数,我们可以用 ?a? 或 ‘an?来修饰,当一个可数名词是以元 音因素开头的话用‘an? 。例如:a cake, an egg, an orange。 可数名词的复数 形式变化如下:

① 一般在名词词尾加-s.如:cakes, pens; ② 以s, x, ch, sh结尾的名词的词尾加-es. 如:watches, wishes, boxes. ③ 以“辅音字母+y”结尾的名词改y为i 再 加 es.如:stories, cities. ④ 以f或fe结尾的名词改f或fe为v再加es. 如:shelves, knives. ⑤ 以“辅音字母+o”结尾的有生命的名 词 在词尾加es.如:tomatoes, potatoes.

有些名词的复数变化是不规则的。 child---children woman---women man---men foot---feet tooth---teeth fish---fish Chinese---Chinese sheep---sheep 一般无法用数量来计算的名词为不可数名 词。不可数名词前面不能用表示具体数量 的数词或不定冠词a, an, 可用一些量词, 如:a packet of, two bags of, four kilos of, three cups of等。

a packet of salt

two bags of rice

three cups of tea

a glass of juice

four kilos of meat

five cartons of milk

Try to find out if the following words are countable nouns or uncountable nouns.
boy, bread, tea, rice, family, tomato, picture, juice, class, bus, water, hamburger, meat, beef, cake, vegetable, chicken, apple

Countable nouns

Uncountable nouns

boy, family, tomato, bread, tea, rice, class, picture, bus, juice, water, meat, hamburger, cake, beef, chicken vegetable, apple

Write the plural form of these countable nouns. stories 1. boy _________ 2. story ________ boys wishes 3. watch watches ________ 4. wish _________ 5. fox __________ 6. radio _________ foxes radios 7. tomato tomatoes _______ 8. knife _________ knives shelves feet 9. shelf _________ 10. foot _________ 11. woman________ women 12. child ________ children 13. tooth _______ 14. sheep sheep _______ teeth

Using “there be”
There is a tomato on the shelf. There is some milk in the glass. There are many vegetables in the basket. We use ?there be? to show that something exists. there is We use ________before a singular noun or an uncountable noun. We use ________ there are before a plural noun.

Look at the picture and talk about the food with your partner with “there be”. Then complete the dialogue on your own.


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