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Unit5 Why do you like pandas

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Unit5 Why do you like pandas?


1. Let : 允许,让; Let’ Let sb do sth;

Let’s _______ mother ______ the housework today.

Let’s ________ out for a walk after dinner.

That sounds a good idea.

A. going B. go C. to go D. goes

Let’s ________ (see) the dolphins. They are very smart

2. Why: 为什么; 反义词:because

注意:because 与so 不同时出现在句中

你为什么那么喜欢狗? ________ _________ you like the dog? _________ lions are ugly, _______ Tom doesn’t like them.

A. Because; so B. So; because C. Because; / D. So,/

3. ________ do you like penguins?

Because they’re lovely.

A. Where B. How C. Why

3. kind : 种类;和蔼的;

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