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1.The monkey looks s______, we all like it.

2.Choose the c_____ answers to them.

3.Turn right, and to the west of the Lions’___ /’e?ri?/, you’ll find the World of birds.

4.There ________ (be) a talk on the history of China tomorrow.

5.There’re trees on both______ (side) of the street.

6.The students are going ______ (穿过)the traffic and going _____ (进入)the zoo.

7.The nearest hotel is 500 metres_______. A.far B.far away C.away D.far away from

8.Are you going to do it _____ second time. A.a B.the C./ D.an

9.How many books do you have? --I have ___ book. That’s ___ English book. Do you want to borrow ______. A.a,an,one B.a,one,an C.one, an, it D.one, one, it

10.The boy is still hungry. Please give him _____cake. A.other B.another C.the other D.the others

11.I always dream of living in a house _____ some trees. A.between B.inside C.around D.among


1.Turn right and walk past a library. (同义句)Turn right and _______a library.

2.Take the third turning on the left.(同义句)_____ left ___ the third ______.

3.What about visiting our local theatre?(同义句)_____ _____ visit our local theatre?

4.Suzhou lies to the south of Nanjing.(同义句)Nanjing lies ______ _____ Suzhou .

5.I think the camera is Mrs Lin’s. (划线提问)_____ _____you think the camera is?

6.Tom and Jim live in the same room. (同义句)Tom _____ the room ______ Jim.






12.check, before, homework,carefully, it, should, you, hand in(上交),the,you

三、排序 (A)

A.So I ask a policeman.

B.One day I want to go to the East Park , but I don’t know the way.

C.I thank him for helping me and find the place easily.

D.He says the park is in front of me and it is about twenty minutes’ walk.

E. The policeman tells me to go along the street, and take the second turning on the right and walk on. 1._____ 2______ 3.______ 4._______ 5.________


A. Have a good time with these special friends.

B.And we also have a beautiful koala from Australia. And there are many other animals.

C.The panda is from China, isn’t he cute? The elephants are very friendly from Africa.

D.Welcome to our zoo. We have many special (珍稀) animals.

E.Then,do you like these funny penguins? They come from South Pole.

1._____ 2______ 3.______ 4._______ 5.________

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