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Mr. White is a member of his office. He‘s 1 and can easily deal with(处理) all kinds of matters. So he‘s always 2 more than his workmates. Of course he‘s often __3 and has no time to do the housework. His wife 4 him well and does all at home.

__5! Their daughter was hurt in a traffic accident last month and had to be 6. Now Mrs. White has to look after her there 7 she can‘t go home. Mr. White often eats something in the restaurant. As he 8 did some cleaning, the rooms were all disorderly (零乱不堪) . Yesterday morning, before Mr. White got up, the telephone 9. He sat up to answer it. His friend told him to 10 an important telephone number down. But he could find 11 a piece of paper. He found there was much dust(灰尘) on the table and wrote the number on it. But soon he 12 it and went to work. Two hours later 13 came b

ack and looked for a sweater for her daughter. Her husband came in while she was 14 the table. He couldn‘t 15 the number on the table and called out angrily, “Who let you clean the table?”

( ) 1. A. important B. strong C. good D. able

( ) 2. A. helped B. thought C. paid D. asked

( ) 3. A. busy B. quiet C. lazy

D. happy

( ) 4. A. sees B. knows C. misses D. takes care of

( ) 5. A. Well B. Once C. What‘s more D. Bad luck

( ) 6. A. in hospital B. outside C. in bed D. in time

( ) 7. A. but B. or C. while D. and

( ) 8. A. not B. never C. almost D. often

( ) 9. A. shouted B. spoke C. ran

g D. called

( ) 10.A. write B. remember C. understand D. use

( )11. A. either a pen or B. neither a pen nor

C. both a pen and D. not only a pen but

( ) 12. A. forgot B. read C. took

D. threw

( ) 13. A. he B. his friend C. his wife D. his daughter

( ) 14. A. brushing B. walking in C. leaving D. cleaning

( ) 15.A. find out B. listen to C. see D. write

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